Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Focus Enough on Mobile?

It is thought that time spent on laptops peaked in 2015, with 2016 being the first year that mobile internet browsing time surpassed time on a traditional computer. This means that if your digital marketing strategy is still heavily focused on desktop users, then you are already several years behind. The online marketing world moves fast, with those most able to create smartphone-compatible websites and apps taking the lead among the competition. If the trends are anything to go by, internet browsing and shopping on a mobile device is only set to skyrocket in the coming years. Taking advantage of it now could mean the difference between success and failure in five years time.

The Changing Role of Mobile Devices in 2018

In 2015, roughly half of internet shopping was done via a phone or tablet, with the rest taking place on desktop computers and laptops. By the end of 2018, this had shifted significantly. Figures reveal that three quarters of eCommerce sales are now made using a mobile device. The typical mobile app now has buttons for sharing products on social media and signing up new customers, as well as clearly marked product recommendations.

Customers are finding that a well made retail app makes it easier to find the right product, compare it similar items, and make the purchase. Your sales funnel should be geared towards getting customers to download the app. Once they do, your store will be more likely to used than competitors who only have a traditional, desktop-style website

How to Optimize Your Online Content for Mobile

In this rapidly shifting online mode, you need to put mobile optimization first. It is no longer just an afterthought. Your online marketing content strategy should be suitable for smaller screens. Think shorter articles, less photos, and snappy headlines. The design should be minimalist, with buttons large, bright, and clear. Stop using words such as “share” or “like” and replace them with an arrow or a thumbs up. Customers will quickly figure out the meanings and find browsing your online store a speedy and seamless experience.

The recent findings from the last quarter of 2018 are quite startling. Who knows where we’ll be by the end of 2019? It is clear that mobile and on the move shopping are the preferred methods for consumers. So think “mobile first” and stay ahead of the digital marketing game. (By Karoline Gore)