Does Your E-Commerce Fraud Team Track False Positives?

Incorrect declines expense merchants $ 118 billion per year in lost deals. As high as this number is, it doesn’t consist of the additional lost revenue that results from irritated customers taking their business in other places. In addition, if a customer is mad about their deal being falsely decreased, they won’t be shy about it, and can rapidly spread their annoyance across their depends on George, Lynn, and Tracy down the hall or a huge server throughout the nation, it’s crucial to put in the time to take a look at declines, figure out why those declines occurred, and figure out which ones were carried out in error.This is a great deal of work, however.Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to deal with the danger of false declines.A hybrid option uses AI/machine learning how to do an initial screening. Then, any flagged transactions are handed off to a professional team of manual reviewers to analyze the flags, find out what’s taking place, and if needed, get in touch with the cardholder to get clarification. In this manner, transactions are just declined if they’re genuinely deceitful, not simply unusual.That’s how we do things at ClearSale. In addition, our fraud professionals are not examined exclusively on chargeback rates. High requirements and numerous KPIs lead to a 360-degree view of every transaction.By using the most effective tools offered and taking a look at fraud from numerous angles, merchants can have the very best of both worlds: decreased chargebacks and a lowered risk of incorrect declines.Want to get more information? Download our ebook, Understanding the

E-Commerce Payment Chain: Ways To Avoid False Decreases, Stop Fraud and Maximize Sales

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