Domino’s UK Pizza Advertisements Have Been Hiding Penises All This While – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

In today’s edition of things you didn’t have to know about, Domino’s customers in the UK are wondering if the chain has been perpetually pulling a prank on them by inserting mini “penises” all over its pizza advertisements.

The company has been issuing 50-percent discount coupons recently, and the menu item used to promote its pizzas is a large, attention-grabbing pie with pepperoni aligned in an odd shape. The meat slices are split into formations of four, with two being placed horizontally and the other two being positioned vertically in the middle.

And someone said it: “Why is there penis pepperoni?”

A search online shows that these flyers aren’t a one-off. UK customers have been bringing up the phallic pizza designs as far back as 2014, so it’s not that it’s anything new—people just aren’t looking long and hard enough.

It turns out that the “design fail” isn’t so much the fault of the advertising team as it is an actual representation of Domino’s pizza layouts. One social media user, who claims to have worked at the chain, explains that this is “the official ‘placement’ of pepperoni on a Pepperoni Passion for maximum… coverage.”

True enough, the Domino’s Pizza UK website uses the exact layout to advertise its Pepperoni Passion pizza. This pizza variation features “double” the pepperoni and mozzarella, so the restaurant has to maximize what little space it has in that circle, somehow.

Don’t worry Chief, Domino’s always delivers 🎮 #HaloInfinite

— Domino’s Pizza UK (@Dominos_UK) July 27, 2020

— Loogems (@woahgoshly) September 24, 2020

Now I love a @Dominos_UK pizza especially with a discount.
But. is it just me 58 going on 14 who looks at the pizza on the leaflet and thinks. little snigger snigger Willie’s.
We now call it Penis Pizza.
Sorry I’ve never grown up#dominospizza #penispizza #NeverGrownUp

— steve berridge (@Scotwolf2Steve) September 23, 2020

@Dominos_UK was this pizza penis done on purpose for channel 4?? I had to pause my TV once I spotted it #penispzza

— Lisa self (@lselfie1984) January 17, 2015

@dominos has somebody had a laugh with pepperoni penises in your marketing dept??#food #DominosBOGO #dominos #penis

— Paul Booth (@_PaulBooth) February 26, 2021

@Dominos_UK is it me or has your new adverts pizza got a pepporoni shaped penis and balls ?? #cheesyballs

— OMG it’s Nightwind (@Nightwind005) June 30, 2014

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