Dr. Joe Schaefer – Digital Marketing and SEO Blackbelt – Readily Random Media, LLC

Are you ready to be Larger than Life? (37:53)

Dr. Joe Schaefer is a master strategist in the realm of digital marketing. He guides owners and teams to build well oiled sales or lead generation machines. He has a unique background. Dr. Joe is a published neuroscience researcher with a PhD from the University of Texas. He is also Master Joe, a seventh degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu. He started and oversees 10 full-time Kung Fu schools.

As co-founder of his marketing agency Motiliti, Dr. Joe has personally worked with over 500 business owners in the digital marketing realm since 2002. He brings marketing, science, and coaching together into a step by step process to help business owners create a well oiled lead, or sales generating machine. His goal is to help business owners master the discipline of marketing to build solid, profitable businesses.