Draft e-commerce policy gets the tactical intent right

Draft e-commerce policy gets the strategic intent right

India’s nationwide draft e-commerce policy which was unveiled on Mondaygives the first clear sense of the structure government wants for the rapidly developing sector. A fundamental part of the draft overlaps the recommendations of the BN Srikrishna panel on information defense. Prior to finalising an e-commerce policy federal government has to make sure that all laws dealing with data, privacy, and digital deals are constant. A bird’s-eye view of the e-commerce policy suggests that there is an emphasis on using the platform more strategically to promote Indian entrepreneurship. This is unexceptionable and deserves support.The difficulty, nevertheless, will depend on the method to actualise the overarching aim and the trade-offs which have to be made. The background to all the reports is that the digital world flawlessly spans national boundaries and has progressed quick. For that reason, reasonable steps such as an insistence on information localisation have actually to be stabilized by the awareness that Indian start-ups must not be punished by raising entry barriers through extra expenses. While it may be needed to modify legislation to assist Indian entrepreneurs who wish to retain control, access to capital ought to not become troublesome as it acts as a barrier to first generation business owners. Given these intricacies, the existing approach is sensible as it fleshes out a policy and opens it to adjustments based on stakeholder feedback.

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