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As they say, the best and most thought-out designs are often really subtle. All eyes are now on the road for a Toyota van with a cleverly personalized license plate containing a joke that surely flew over the heads of many.

The vehicle was spotted by type designer Nick Sherman, who noted that its license plate’s unique identification, “FFFFCC,” was a color Hex code.

Using the eyedropper tool reveals that the code relates to the van’s cream hue, a tidbit that design geeks would be appreciative of.

Thanks to the traction generated by the photo—which amassed 6,300 retweets and 30,000 likes since time of publishing—the driver of the vehicle, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsgonnabe_meh, has gotten in touch with Sherman. As it turns out, they’re neighbors.

— Nick Sherman (@NickSherman) April 23, 2019

Through the magic of the internet, the owner of the FFFFCC-mobile has been found! The wonderful van and license plate belong to @itsgonnabe_meh who is apparently my neighbor. Here’s an alternate side view of the van, pictured with another beige local.

— Nick Sherman (@NickSherman) April 24, 2019

Whoa. The van is twitter famous. I’ve made it. Thanks for enjoying my nerdiness @NickSherman

— mh (@itsgonnabe_meh) April 24, 2019

further proof they are 100% real

— mh (@itsgonnabe_meh) April 25, 2019

[via Nick Sherman, images via various sources]