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IOU Worldwide, LTD is revealing the release of IOU ™ – an innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) e-commerce loyalty platform developed on blockchain, allowing merchants and consumers to communicate with each other in the competitive, protected, transparent and decentralized manner which blockchain provides.Put it simply,

merchants and customers would link straight on IOU ™ e-commerce exchange, examining deals from merchants around the globe. Successful business in the area such as Groupon have actually yet tapped into the possibilities of blockchain’s dispersed ledger and decentralization – making IOU ™ an innovative and progressive e-commerce platform and without any requirement of costly intermediary marketing services. IOU ™ team has actually taken the flexibility of the blockchain even further, permitting customers to likewise trade or barter their own bought IOU ™ uses with other consumers.

“As the e-commerce market quickly progresses on blockchain, we think there is a real need for providing innovation that links merchants and customers directly through varIOU ™ s marketing offers of services and products – all on a secure and decentralized P2P exchange. IOU ™, literally represents “I Owe You”, it’s that just required channel that enables merchants to release their IOU ™ s for customers in varIOU ™ s categories of products and services,” stated Vladimir Shevchenko, CEO.This explosive combination of e-commerce, blockchain innovation, and cryptocurrencies is a new method forward. Together they develop the IOU ™ Platform-a real P2P e-commerce commitment platform intending to empower blockchain merchants and customers through decentralized and safe way.IOU ™ has set out to drive client satisfaction and commitment up through merchant’s trade-able IOU deals. It has actually reimagined present-day commitment systems, supplying its merchants with unseen flexibility, control, and boosted benefits ensuring the highest possible level of consumer satisfaction.Merchants also would have the ability to

manage user-friendly interface posting their services and products for large untapped and growing market of customers utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while able to promote a variety of items and services on IOU ™ P2P Exchange utilizing multi-media and social networking tools. IOU ™ merchant portal would consist of customer information analysis, rating reviews, and numerous other features. In addition, merchants would be able to add additional security to consumers by attaching crypto escrow funds to their IOU ™ uses to ensure services and delivery.The platform has actually been designed to ensure that merchants have customer retention, viral marketing, and market driven versatility. IOU ™ flexibility and style would allow consumers handle their own personal profile, modifying their interests in order to get appropriate offers from merchants. Its useful score function permits them to rate deals with merchants and other consumers.The IOU ™ Token IOU Global, LTD. is arranged to release its ICO in July. IOU ™ Token( IOU) would be initially made use of for exchange fee deals, merchant listing fees, VIP merchant services, affiliate

program, merchant escrow services for IOU ™ Guarantee deals, in addition to token grants for IOU deal competitions to provide incentives for faithful customers and merchants that reveal particular levels of frequent deals. Website: https://IOU.io!.?.! SOURCE IOU Global, LTD

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