E-Commerce Sample Post: Updating Your Living Space For A Fresh, Fun Look

E-Commerce Sample Post: Updating Your Living Space For A Fresh, Fun Look

by BlogMutt July 20, 2018

This 608-word e-commerce sample post was written by Christie R., who was the assistant manager of a gift shop for several years and attended trade fairs to help choose items for the shop. She also sells items on eBay, including some that are hand-crafted. Over the course of her time at BlogMutt, she has sold 88 articles in Retail, 69 for Marketing & Advertising, and 64 about e-commerce.

Are you trying to attract millennial shoppers to your home goods website? If so, you’ll want to develop a rapport with them that turns casual browsers into actual shoppers. You can do that by building a relationship that showcases your thought leadership, trustfulness, and quality products. An engaging blog post that offers helpful information related to their search interest is a great way to start. This middle- to bottom-of-funnel sample post about a fictional home decor e-commerce company showcases equally fictional ‘products’ aimed at people looking to update their living space with a fun, fresh vibe. 

Is your living room looking a little… blah? Maybe it hasn’t had an update since 1983. Or you’ve outgrown your “I’m an adult now” neutral stage and are looking to add some personality and life back into your space.

Well, we can help! Our home decor company stays on top of the trends so we can offer you the latest, freshest looks coupled with our high-quality products. 

Gelato & texture

According to House Beautiful, “Ice-cream pastels, glittery golds, indigo blues and super zingy color pops…”  are the fun colors in style this year. As the summer heats up, we’re craving ice-cream inspired colors for our home decor. You can couple these fresh colors with layers of textures and enjoy your new vibrant, yet cozy, room.

Our Gelato line offers throw pillows and cuddly wraps in a range of yummy pastels and rich textures. Chenille, corduroy, velvet, silk, organza, damask, microfiber suede, faux fur, crinkled linen, quilted cotton… We offer a full range of luscious, textured pillows and throws that provide layers of interesting, and inviting, coziness. 

Don’t forget the accessories

Accessorize your room with our lamp shades featuring on-trend textured trims like feathers, tassels, and beaded fringe. We also offer woven wool rugs with sumptuous fringe that just beg you to recline on them. Shimmery iridescence is also trending this year. That’s why we offer exquisite silk wall hangings evocative of hummingbirds in darting flight. According to Jemma Dayman, buyer for Carpetright:

“‘The trend for iridescence continues this spring and it’s proving to be an adaptable decorating style. The combination of blush, grey and lilac tones with metallic and shimmering finishes offers a modern feel with the perfect balance between sophistication and vibrancy.”

Indulge in an old (yet new) favorite accessory by creating a custom macrame or woven wall hanging. If you’re not feeling crafty, we offer handmade Fair Trade Certified™ wall hangings custom made for us. They’ll give you that trendy ‘handmade’ look without all the effort. You can also feel good about your purchase knowing that it’s supporting important social and environmental changes.

Do a little or a lot

The nice thing about this trend is that it allows you to follow it just as far as you feel comfortable. You can go for a whole-room makeover by painting your walls mint green and buying new furniture and accessories to coordinate. If you’re not ready to go quite that far, paint one accent wall and buy our textured slipcovers for your couch and chairs. Still too much of a change for you? Start out by replacing just your throw pillows. We offer a wide range of stylish and durable throw pillows that will add a fun and playful new look to your living room.   

The layered look is perfect for those of you who aren’t quite ready to make the leap to a whole new look. You can add new layers and more colors whenever you want. Because ice cream colors mix and match so well, you won’t need to worry about staying in one particular color family. If you find an accessory that you love—add it! As long as it reminds you of a delicious Gelato, it will fit right in.

We can help you get the look you want

We work hard to make sure our products are comfortable, stylish, well-coordinated, and of the highest quality. When you choose accessories from our Gelato line, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you’re investing in a look that you’ll love—and love showing off to those who doubted you had a sense of style.

Contact us for more information and to request our full-color catalog.

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