E-Commerce Website The Bath Well Launches With A Focus On Clean Bath And Body Care

Bath and body items aren’t a sideshow at The Bath Well.

The new e-commerce destination from husband-and-wife Deena and Ilan Kreimont is putting the oft-snubbed bath and body classification at the heart of its tidy charm collection. It launched this month with 60 stockkeeping units of bath bombs, body lotions, body washes, body scrubs, body spray, hand sanitizers, hand cleans, and salts and soaks from 8 brand names: Kosmatology, Birchrose + Co, Captain Blankenship, Griffin Remedy, Jusu Body , Level Naturals, Basd and Little Moon Basics. “I have actually always been a bath-obsessed person. It’s been my method to loosen up and recharge at the end of a long day. When shopping for non-toxic bath and body products at a grocer or local retailer, it’s an obstacle. I’m super ingredient-conscious, and the options are restricted. There might be 2 brands, if that,” states Deena Kreimont, a graphic designer by trade. “While there has been growth in green charm retail, the majority of luxury green appeal retailers focus on skincare. We felt there was an opportunity to start a website concentrated on bath and body.”

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The Bath Well co-founders Deena and Ilan Kreimont The Bath Well is striking the digital scene at a minute in which sales of bath and body items are on the rise. From 2015 to 2016, domestic sales of bath and shower product increased nearly 4% to practically $8 billion, according to Euromonitor. The research firm estimates worldwide sales of the product over the same period climbed 5.2% to $38.7 billion. The numbers are assessed Instagram accounts flooded by aspirational bath posts.

“It makes a great deal of sense to me that the bath category has gotten a lot more interest over the last couple of years. It’s in line with individuals having an interest in self-care,” states Kreimont. “Years back, everyone was all about the stress, and working all the time. To me, it makes sense that there’s a pattern towards individuals taking more time for themselves.”

The Kreimonts’ Chicago apartment is loaded with 150 units of bath and body inventory. “It’s overwhelmed with items that we’re always evaluating out,” states Deena Kreimont. The couple’s restroom has been ground no for product vetting. Thankfully, it has a bath. “We looked at a place in 2015 that we shut out immediately because it only had a shower,” states Kreimont. “That wasn’t going to happen.”

“When shopping for non-toxic bath and body items at a grocer or regional retailer, it’s a difficulty. I’m incredibly ingredient-conscious, and the options are restricted. There might be two brand names, if that. While there has been development in green appeal retail, the majority of high-end green appeal merchants focus on skincare. We felt there was an opportunity to start a website concentrated on bath and body.”

To choose items for The Bath Well, the set zeroed in very first on tidy components and efficiency. Another requirement was that the brand names have a variety of bath and body items. They looked for to broadly represent them, and not merely have single products here and there from brands. In the early goings, body washes and body lotions are the greatest sellers, and the Kreimonts reason it’s due to the fact that they’re basics customers routinely purchase. Body oils, shaving creams and antiperspirants are under factor to consider for future selection growth at The Bath Well.All the products on the website are under $25.”We wish to keep the bulk of our products at accessible price points. We have a couple of body washes and body lotions under $10. So, for somebody who’s is investing $5 to $10 presently at the shop, there’s an option for them. There’s likewise an option for somebody costs closer to$15 and who might want to go up to the$20 range, “states Elon Kreimont.” I wanted to ensure we weren’t using things that were such a jump for somebody using conventional bath and body care.”The Kreimonts aren’t anticipating The Bath Well to be a massive success overnight. They recognize an e-commerce enterprise may make sluggish progress. “Our goal is to really check things out and see what’s resonating with customers. We are attempting to keep startup costs as low as possible,”says Elon Kreimont, a software application product manager outside of his primary product officer function at The Bath Well.”We really want to take a data-driven and iterative approach to how we grow business.” < img src=https://www.beautyindependent.com/production/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/bath-well-3.jpg alt="The Bath Well"width=940 height=788 > The Bath Well’s debut variety includes 60 stockkeeping systems from 8 brand names: Kosmatology, Birchrose+Co, Captain Blankenship, Griffin Solution, Jusu Body, Level Naturals, Basd and Little Moon Essentials.The Bath Well will be experimenting with Facebook, Instagram and Google marketing to spread its message. Its targets for advertisements will be consumers aged 25-to 45-years-old active in the natural beauty, fitness and health sections. The Kreimonts anticipate eventually widening the scope of their outreach to individuals not as ingredient mindful, but possibly open to venturing into clean appeal. They like The Bath Well drawing in guys as well as women to its selection.Beyond the digital universe, The Bath Well is preparing to take part in occasions with workout studios, juice bars and similar places focused on customers lined up with its objective.”We desire to engage with customers in genuine time, and get their feedback on solutions, aromas and product packaging, “states Deena Kreimont.”The one downside of having an e-commerce site is not having the ability to get that sort of feedback from clients and, once we get it, we will have an understanding of what classifications we should enter into, and we’ll be strategic from there.”

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