Eco-Depot Market

Eco-Depot Marketplace

Image by Shelley Schenker Shelley Schenker and Jenny Ellis, creators of Eco-Depot Marketplace (EDM), were desperate to get out of their second-story working studios without any handicap access. The two artists desired a first-floor area with robust foot traffic, a lot of room for numerous working studios and a River Arts District (RAD) address. They signed a lease on an area inside the historic Glen Rock Hotel. “In real creative-brain design, the lease was signed and sealed before business plan and budget was exercised,” says Schenker. While the area was originally intended to supply working area for a handful of artists, it changed into a gallery that supplies screen area for 60 artists. Ellis found another working studio, however displayed her works at EDM in the space’s first year. Shenker now runs the gallery full-time.

“All the artwork in EDM is somehow associated to the environment or ecology in either technique, products or topic,” states Schenker. The 3,000-squarefoot space houses more conventional items like mountain landscapes and floral paintings, in addition to more innovative, specialty products like inner tube bags, goat milk soap products and mountain-scene quilts. “What makes EDM so unique is the breadth of creativity our artists show,” says Schenker. “There are surprises around every corner as visitors meander through.”

EDM takes part in RAD’s Second Saturday events, throughout which the gallery uses music and totally free appetizers and several of the artists exist to interact with customers and discuss their work.Eco-Depot Market is located at 408 Depot Street in Asheville. For more details, visit.The post Eco-Depot Market appeared first on The Laurel of Asheville.

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