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I’m planning to open a woman clothing online store dropshipping from China around the world. Custom duties and shipping costs will be on the customer. I think nowadays there are basically the same clothes everywhere so why would a customer pay extra fees? Of course, there are a lot of women out there shopping so if I advertise right (+ nice quality photos, a great representation of the product and etc. that all matters, right?) no matter how many shops sell similar clothing it happens that those customers come upon my shop. Plus it’s fashion it’s about taste and details it’s very abstract there would the similar clothing but another shop wouldn’t have the color the customer wanted and I have I can offer that so it’s not like I fully rely on those moments, but I think this is what makes fashion a universal niche for business. Also here competition even helps each other (perfect community), because there is no shop that can offer everything whenever whatever a customer wants. But I’m still worried about those extra fees for delivery and custom duties they have to pay. I could buy in bulk and sell in the country where I’m from (Russia), but I’m planning to move so I can’t keep inventory and etc. But I think both selling wholesale in one country and dropshipping has its pros and cons so… . I can’t take on myself delivery and custom duties costs and I’m kind of not supposed to so how should I present extra fees for custom duties and delivery to the customer? If before it will scare them away if after annoy? How do you think people react in standard on those extra fees? I think negatively it’s because I personally react negatively (it seems all the same to me nowadays there are certain design shops I’m planning to buy from them once I get enough money from my own shop) but everyone is different so I guess… . It’s because everyone ships and buys worlwide at the same time. I see many online shops with worldwide delivery so maybe it’s not that big obstacle and I’m overthinking? And if it is what would you recommend me as a new in business?

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