Email Campaigns for eCommerce Websites

Email Campaigns for eCommerce Websites

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In my I spoke about the benefits of . In this one I am going to discuss the various kinds of email campaigns you can use and how they can help your business.

Email campaigns for eCommerce websites have been the most inexpensive and easy to use tool. For connecting with people or doing the promotions and marketing since its origination with the web. There is no doubt that social media is performing well in connecting people socially. But with the email, you can reach anybody in the world. The emails are quite effective marketing strategy in any business including the online retailing.

In eCommerce industry, the power of email is utilized for marketing purpose. For the people who own an eCommerce business, email marketing is a technique to approach their customers for making a better seller-buyer relationship.

You can send any random email to your customers who have registered with your store. Because the technology has not remained the same. With the spam filters, your target audience can block all the emails coming from your site, if they don’t find anything related to their interest.

So, there should be some plan or strategy before you start sending those marketing emails to your target audience. You can start with the following:

  1. Find the objective for this email marketing campaign
  2. To-the-point headline or subject line
  3. Include a call to action
  4. Prepare a list of customers to whom you wish to send specified promotional emails

Once you are ready with the strategy and created the samples for email marketing content. Don’t forget to test it on some grouped target audience.

Let’s take a look at the most useful and beneficial email marketing campaigns to generate more sales and ROI:

Cross sell or Upsell Campaign.

The Cross-sell or Up-sell emails are sent to the customers who have previously purchased some products from your store. By sending the cross sell or up sell email to the customers you can boost the average order value for your store.

This email campaign is helpful in telling your customers about the products they may be interested in due to the products they have already purchased. To make a cross sell or up sell, you can send emails after the customer has purchased a product from you. In the form of follow-up or receipt of the recent purchase. Try to include the related items, items from the same category or some coupons and discounts for their next purchase with limited duration.

Personalized Birthday, Anniversaries and Holiday Campaign.

The Life events are the best time to show them their importance for your business and make them feel special. And these are times for such marketing campaigns. You can send them birthday wishes along with some offers especially for them. Start acknowledging their birthday at the beginning of that month.

You can create a personalized email content. And even send them wishes for their birthdays or anniversaries along with a free gift designed as per their shopping behaviour.

The campaigns are common during Holiday season but as it is a period when customers are likely to buy more. You should not let this chance go. Design some interesting and exclusive contents to connect with your customersю Along with appearing unique from the rest of the similar running campaigns.

Rewards or Loyalty Program.

The rewards or loyalty program campaigns are created to target your regular customers. You can take the help of some features to develop this program on your or you can send the emails to those customers by considering the history of maximum purchase, the quantity of items, frequency or cost of the items purchased.

With the help of such campaigns, you can define a threshold for the customers and when the customers reach that threshold you can send them a free gift, discounts or coupon codes in the email.

This will not only increase the email open up rates but also drives your customers to purchase more.

Purchase Reviews or Feedbacks Request.

To improve your eCommerce business and make your , you can ask for their reviews and feedbacks once they have purchased and used your products. Here, you cannot just send this email asking them their feedbacks just after they have made a purchase from your store.

You need to give some time to the customers after they have received their products from the shipping person and they use that product for few days. You can ideally send the emails requesting their feedback after 2-3 days from the day they have got their products.

The customer reviews not only helps in buying decision of other customers but it also increases the site rankings in the search engines results. On the other hand, feedback gives you an opportunity to explore the areas of improvement within the whole buying-selling process.

Promotional Offers.

The emails for promotional or special offers can be sent to various customers. You can inform your customers about the new products added or new sale running on your website.

You can target customers who have not bought from you since long or the customers who are not much familiar about your brand or business. Promotional offers such as some % off or coupon codes or buy X and get Y free would be more effective for this email campaign. You can even bundle the related products, which are mostly bought together and offer a high discount on that sale.

The main reason for running these email marketing campaigns is that you must always keep your customers engaged with your brand whether it is by offering an offer or a valuable content.

You can create and implement any of the above-mentioned email marketing campaigns for your as per your business needs. But, whichever method you choose, make sure that you are personalizing your methods at the best suitable time for the relevant customers.

Though these are some of the most prominent ones, there are a thousand different types of campaigns you can run in your email marketing. The main task to keep in mind is to be unique and personal with your customers.

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