Email Marketing & its importance in Digital Marketing

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“Email Marketing? Why do I need that?”

Dibakar Bala, 2015

That was my Exact reaction when I heard it the First Time.

I was extremely frustrated with my SEO work.

The tiring loop of writing, publishing, promoting and then Building Links – was killing me inside.

As just like 99% Blogs, even after doing all the heavy lifting, I had no visitors or traffic on my Blog.

And now, we have a new kid on the line :- Email Marketing. Tada!!!

I neglected it, I neglected it for years.

Today, it drives me the maximum sales and revenue 😐

What a Pity!

Well, atleast, I started.

But, I see so many bloggers not even giving a damn about Email Marketing even after Years of struggling with their Blog.

Leave Bloggers, I don’t even see Businesses and Start-ups building any list.

What’s wrong with everyone?

Last Year, I made more than 50k from my Email List Alone.

And, it is not just about the Money.

You get to communicate with your Audience is the most personal way ever possible.

53% of the Emails are opened using Mobile Devices and 23% of my Email Subscribers has opened the Email once again using their Mobile Devices.

Damn! That’s a staggering figure if you extrapolate the scenario.

Let me explain you.

As per these stats, Email is “the best” way to reach your Mobile Audience a.k.a. the Mobile Users.

I had 2 Big Facebook Pages back in the glorious days of High Organic Reach of Facebook Posts.

Fast-forward today, I got both of them unpublished.

But I am not sad as even if I would have had those pages today, it wouldn’t have fetched even a single views on my posts organically.

Now, for even view, you got to pay 🙁

Thankfully, if you have an Email List, it is yours.

Surely, people can unsubscribe you but still not everyone would.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of Email List in Digital Marketing, then wait for 1 Year.

I’d post my Total Year Earnings and share I’ve had earned from my Email List.

That’s the only way left with me if you’re not convinced about building your own list yet.

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