Entrepreneur Sumedh Basani Breaks Down His Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Services!

Whether you like it or not social media is taking over the world. In today’s world we go online for everything from news, travel, shopping, sports, and entertainment. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even Tik Tok are dominating the information space. The reach of social network is global and the growth is explosive.

Therefore, as a business owner it is paramount to become an expert in social media marketing to ensure you are on top of things. According to SumedhBasani, you are either with social media, or left behind to become extinct. In today’s digital marketplace of goods and services it is important to stay relevant and continuously bring new value to your clients. We talked SumedhBasani on his strategies for the modern financial services specialist and he told us the following.

Marketing for a financial services business is a task that many agents fail over and over again. They wonder why their business never scales or takes off, it’s simply because they are not following the correct game plan. Here I’ll outline the four major steps I utilize in marketing to clients in the financial services space when it comes to social media.

Increasing your overall lead flow and client pipeline will increase your sales volume. Optimizing your social media and getting on the right digital strategy will dramatically help your business in both client acquisition and retention.

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