Episode 76 – Takeaways from the 2022 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

The 4th Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit was a huge success, and simply down to the expert speakers and engaged audience.

It was our pleasure to host you all. For those of you that didn’t make it, we’ve created a highlights reel from each of the four sessions on the day.

Coming up in episode #76

  • > Why public sector leadership need to role model great digital communications
  • > The social media manoeuvres being made by public sector marketing pros in an ever-changing landscape
  • > How to get the truth to rise to the top of the social web in the age of disinformation
  • > Innovation in public sector case studies

A big shoutout to our team that made this event our best yet!

WATCH Takeaways from the Summit

The speakers really dominated the stage this year and I want to thank every one of our 14 public sector pros. Here’s just a flavour of what attendees heard.

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