Erema says new organisation system “welcomed” in market

Erema says brand-new company system “welcomed” in market

By Plastics News Europe

Austrian recycling expert Erema states its brand-new company system Keycycle has actually gotten a warm welcome in the market in the 4 months after being formally launched.With the increasing

requirement for guidance and integrated service solutions, Erema has clustered different areas that had hitherto been addressed individually into the brand-new business unit which was launched with excitement in June during the Erema Discovery Days in Ansfelden, Austria.Keycycle offers engineering and combination services for plastics recycling systems. In addition, the unit supports consumers in their early planning stage for new recycling plants and expediency research studies to incorporate the appropriate recycling service for them.At the June launch occasion, Michael Prochazka, head of the Keycycle organisation unit explained the reasoning behind the development of the new system.” We saw that the value chain, as an entire, was not geared to one another. While in the future circular economy, things need to mesh together.”He added that more players are entering the field which the intricacy of the new tasks tackled by the business is increasing.”Recycling tasks are ending up being increasingly intricate since they need to adjoin a variety of technologies,”he said.”For that companies need a high degree of system knowledge for commercial options, process knowledge and experience in carrying out massive jobs.” Keycycle, according to Prochazka, combines 4 locations into 1 system: entire system assistance; initial project stage support; total process & project management experience and network structure, with the latter describing the company’s ability to work with what he called ‘big partners’. “The network is the & secret-not attempting to do it alone,”Prochazka said.”We are talking about system integration with KraussMaffei, Berstorff, Amut, Coperion, Herbold, Lindner and more.

“The range of services is geared towards both consumers new to recycling and customers with existing facilities.Michael Prochazka, sees the entire spectrum of engineering and combination services for plastics recycling options as the current focus of activities.Also popular are factory and logistics preparing and project management on demand, he explained. Projects today require a collaborated and integrated technique that, if necessary, can encompass all elements from pre-investment support to civil engineering.

“And this is precisely what we provide our customers,”he concluded.