First Alpha Particl Marketplace products begin shipping!

We have some very cool official Particl tees coming to doorsteps around the globe!

And we’re beginning to see some of the first Marketplace Alpha products get delivered!

Earlier in June we started a special promotion to get users testing our decentralized marketplace.

If you were part of that group then keep an eye for your official Particl swag in your post.

Buying real products in a testing environment

Naturally a product like Particl Marketplace, in its early testing phases, on the test network, using test PART coins would populate with a bunch of test/pretend listings for test/pretend products, etc. It’s essential to test all possible parameters vendors and customers might encounter when using the decentralized marketplace.

We are getting even faster and more accurate metrics with actually offering real products in this environment.

Real products like our Particl t-shirts placed for sale have an inherent mission in life — to be paid for, contracted in escrow, mailed out and delivered. Test listings with pretend items are merely posers that can mask vital steps in our eCommerce checkout process because real results (shipments) aren’t expected.

Waiting on your order?

So our first batch of shirts has gone out and with those orders a bunch of valuable issues have been logged to help boost the shopping experience on Particl Marketplace. Thank you!

We are going to re-open the official Particl storefront and shirt listings this week and begin taking some new orders. If you have an order in and it is still showing “Bidding” you’ll want to make a new order when we give the go ahead in our social channels.

Current Inventory

Our first batch of branded tees are going fast but we’ll be giving away shirts throughout the testing phase of the Marketplace, so no worries if you don’t make the first round. Alpha doesn’t provide timestamps for orders nor does it give the option to remove past items bid on but not accepted. Have patience, these are free giveaways for testers, you’ll love them when you get them!

We have new Particl emblem pins!

A special shout out goes to a vendor who goes by ICOsensei on Twitter.

Custom made lapel pins 😋 You’ll be able to find them on the Particl Marketplace 🚀🚀🚀 $ETH $PART $BTC $TRX $EOS $NEO #Particl #Pins

 — @ICO_sensei

We received a shipment of 50 Particl branded lapel pins from last week and we have permission to offer these as products on the Alpha Marketplace.

These are really well made pins for all cryptocurrency collectors out there.

It’s cool getting free stuff right? Have a favorite coin that gives away shirts, stickers, coffee mugs? Give them a shout out, share a link to our Particl Desktop with Alpha Marketplace on testnet and put them in contact with the team.

Going halfsies with real products like ICOsensei’s lapel pins (which they paid for inventory and we pay for shipping) helps promote the project and marketplace and also helps us find better experiences in our shopping dapp we’re building.

How cool would it be to buy some of your favorite coin project shirts like PIVX, Komodo, Decred on the Particl Marketplace with test-PART? Remember that our vision for the Marketplace is that it’s a use case for these projects and many, many more. The doors could be opened for future integrations with free project swag on the Particl Alpha Marketplace. You could help!


  • Particl Developer Meetup in Prague — 18.28.06
  • Particl AMA+FAQ Livestream on YouTube — Special guest: Ryno Mathee — Lead Developer — 18.06.29

Thank you

Particl Team

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