Flat Lay Images for Pinterest: 7 Tips E-Commerce Sellers Must Know

This is a guest post from Kayla Marie Butler of Ivorymix.com. E-commerce services can sink or swim based on item photography. And while way of life pictures tend to control e-commerce photography on Pinterest, stunning flat lay product Pins can appeal to users in a different way that works well with the “influence, strategy, and shop” state of mind of a Pinterest user.When it concerns

purchasing choice, 93 % of consumers state photos of items are absolutely important. Every photo you take and share online represents your product’s viewed value and quality.What flat ordinary images can offer your items is a method to display the closer details of and quality. In a flash, item pictures convey worths such as brand, method of life, and frame of mind– nevertheless they can also impart subtle, but important, components for your products, for example, item material information and quality.As a professional photographer, and e-commerce site owner myself, I can vouch for that the success of your online store depends in large part to having great-looking pictures making your items alluring. The quality of these photos can have a big influence on traffic from Pinterest, and more significantly, on what does it cost? you sell!Whether you’re looking for new ideas to approach your item styling, or gathering some techniques to try out your next picture shoot, these ideas for flat ordinary photography will help you create spectacular flat ordinary images, enabling you to showcase your products magnificently on Pinterest and elsewhere.Photographing Flat Lay Backgrounds As you start to prepare promoting a new product on Pinterest and get ready for your photoshoot

, it’s best to start with the background.You can make use of any surface area you like– a table, a fabric, a chair, a foam board, paper or almost

anythin else. In many cases, it’s finest to stick with easy backgrounds as it assists products take center focus, especially if the products are small. Avoid utilizing anything with a pattern or heavy texture; it will distract from your product. And since many Pinterest users are on mobile, clarity and adequate whitespace is an outright must.In some cases, the background can become part of the overall composition that can assist highlight a component of the story of your item that you wish to communicate. An example of how the background can improve a component of the story is displayed in the below images where I have actually utilized a marble top, which may be on the customer’s vanity where they would use this makeup. Just don’t go overboard with background information or your picture can seem too fussy– and it will be tough to figure out on Pinterest!Color Palettes for Great Flat Lays When an artist selects colors of paint for their paintings, they take lots of things into factor to consider. Given that colors define mood,

if their painting is to convey a delighted mood, they’ll likely select more brilliant and saturated colors. Although it might look like there are lots of colors in some paintings, these are typically believed out and well-planned color schemes.As a professional photographer, be intentional with the colors you use prior to you begin. Similar to an artist would pick a plan, you will have to select a color scheme and prepare for your photos according to the state of mind, story, brand and items.

Take a while before you pull out your camera to choose distinct tints, hues, and shades that go well with your item. These can be shades of only one color, black and white, or your own wonderful mix of on brand name colors.When selecting colors for your images, consider what emotions you want to evoke with your product images. If you are going for comfy and cozy, you may select dull blues and perhaps

delicate blush pinks.Then once again, fresh greens and white are a great choice if you are going for an inspiring and airy sensation. You can read more about the meaning of various colors in< a href= https://www.canva.com/learn/color-meanings-symbolism/ target=_ blank rel =noopener > this post from Canva. Props for Flat Lay Pin Photos Believe about the items you’ll use to narrate about your product. In some instances, this might come down to the color of the things; however in nearly all cases, the things and props need to be associated with the subject matter. If you sell recipe books, you might consist of components, utensils, and linens as props for your photos. If your item is high-end and includes a greater cost tag, you’ll more than likely desire to match that quality in the props you choose.When I make decisions about exactly what props to utilize for the photos I produce or the item photos I consider clients, I ask myself this basic question.” Would the perfect client likewise own this and have it by their side when utilizing the item I am photographing?”Lighting Your Flat Lay Pin Photography With all photography, excellent lighting is important.

I prefer natural light, I usually utilize studio lighting for consistency. Being closer to the light source (like a window) will mean a more brilliant and brightly-lit photo. Getting further far from the light will imply a photo that may appear a bit more moody and dim.For a flat lay picture, it’s

finest to think about where your shadows will land when photographed. I have actually found that it’s better and more pleasing to the eye for the shadows to land left or right of the objects instead of the shadows landing above the object. In these examples listed below, see how shadows can be either a big or small part of your image– depending on the impact you desire.Adjust to produce long shadows or short shadows by differing the height of the light relative to the surface area you are shooting

. Generally, and you’ll discover it feels much better and more natural when the light is diffused.In really few cases you may prefer to use direct lighting(direct sunlight or an exposed light bulb ). It’s everything about the method it looks and the sensations it evokes.Effective Flat Lay Structure First, think about how you

will utilize the image in your marketing. If you know you will just utilize your photography on Pinterest, then you can go on and choose a vertical format. However if you’ll also utilize it on Instagram, Facebook and other places, make certain you design will work for square and large images as well.Knowing if you need to add text to your item photos or where your item images will be used can assist you make better decisions about how you frame the photo,which will make your life much easier from the start. Effective Pins often do make use of text on the image, so make sure you leave space for that.The guideline of thirds is an easy method that can increase the visual interest of your image. Merely envision a principle that uses a grid of 3 x 3 squares and recommends that you can develop more visual interest by place keying objects on the converging points.Most video cameras and phone video cameras can display a grid when taking your photos. This alternative is usually located under the camera’s settings menu. The grid comes in convenient when utilizing the rule of thirds to assist with your composition.The enjoyable in photography is barely found in following rules however, which is why some pictures require exactly what I prefer to call “freestyling”. Freestyle photography is typically described as” way of life “photography where items are more spread in an image to assist your products appear usable as they are seen in a more natural environment than in a clearly structured and styled scene.Freestyling has to do with finding a balance and flow in between your props and items. When styling, think of the placement of the bigger products. When you make an effort to spread bigger objects through the frame, it can appear

more pleasing to the eye and draws you in to take a better look. It motivates viewers to absorb the details and while smaller items sit in between the bigger ones to develop balance it helps our eyes bounce from one larger things to the next.Another thing to think about in your structure is the texture of the items you opt to photograph to develop interest. You can do this by blending things textures– consider utilizing some tough(ceramics, metals, glass etc)and some soft( linens or flowers ). Picking the Focus of Your Item Flat Lay Most of the times, your product will be the main centerpiece of your photography. Implying they will be bigger in the frame. The largest item or product in a flat ordinary is often described as the hero of the image. Since the hero should to take center phase, it’s your job as the professional photographer to only put supporting props and aspects in your scenes that don’t distract from the product.The rule of thirds can help you think about where you place the main focus of your image and assist you choose whether it needs to remain in the center or on one of the converging cross hairs in your 3 × 3 grid of square. When aiming to position your primary centerpiece in the center of the grid, it’s best to make sure the center is perfectly center and not”close enough.” If you discover that you have actually taken your photo with the things slightly off center, remember that you

can crop and finetune your framing when you modify your photos.Storytelling with Flat Lay

Images– Perfect for Pinterest!< img src= https://tailwind1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/christmas.jpg alt width=974 height=325 > Your item has a story and like all great stories, the photo you create will have heros and supporting characters. It can be a challenge to select props which contribute to your story, rather than detracting from the attention due your hero.If your item is, say, a course or ebook on producing floral plans, it may appear like taking pictures of finished plans is enough. If you think about the objects used to produce a floral plan, you may start believing about scissors, string, a vase, and maybe a jug of water. Unexpectedly, as we start to add these supporting characters, a story of your item and hero starts to take shape.Beyond that, Pinners like an excellent story. To encourage them to buy, they require to imagine themselves in the story, and revealing the product in its natural environment is thefinest way to do that! One visually inspiring method to narrate about a product on Pinterest is

to show a stack of pictures that demonstrates the product in usage. Simply make certain to remain within Pinterest’s perfect image ratio of 2:3. The story you choose to inform might be one about how the product is made or how it’s used daily.

In many cases it can also be as simple as a color story where every item in the picture shares a comparable hue.In Conclusion Photos can make or break a sale in simply a few short seconds– and long prior to anybody even clicks on your Pin. Utilizing sensational flat ordinary images on Pinterest is one of the finest methods to plainly highlight the details and quality of your item prior to consumers get to your e-commerce website.You’ve now got some terrific concepts to approach the preparation of your product styling on your next photoshoot. Equipped with these 7 useful styling tips, you are prepared take a spin at styling your very own flat ordinary item pictures to help you achieve much better traffic and sales on Pinterest!Start a Free Trial of Tailwind for Pinterest!Get more engagement with SmartSchedule. Save time, remain active quickly with the web browser extension and mobile app.Pin smarter with Pin, board, and profile efficiency reporting. Immediately reshare your best Pins with SmartLoop( coming quickly! ). Register with Pinterest * No charge card required Pin me: Kayla Marie Butler is the professional photographer and founder of Ivorymix.com. Ivory Mix is a stock photography resource site and visual marketing blog site dedicated to empowering and inspiring developers with stock images, education, and suggestions for growing traffic, customers, and revenue.

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