Four Digital marketing trends for 2022


That is possibly one word by which you can denote everything that happened in 2020. 

We’re not just talking about the changes in people’s lives, or about changes that the countries were forced to grapple with, but also about the changes forced on different industries.

The digital marketing industry saw unprecedented changes last year. While marketers played their best cards to stay on top of trends, the developments came in fast and furious. The speed at which these new developments came rarely gave any scope to prepare for them.

Thankfully, 2021 has been more about working with those trends, and the risk factor was even lower this year.

Let’s not forget that the pandemic is yet to cease; the intensity has just reduced. However, it continues to affect the global economy, leading to uncertainty.

The fate of the ‘new year’ is uncertain as well. For instance, what shall be the landscape of social media advertising? How long will the current digital marketing trends be valid when remote jobs end? It is worthwhile to note a few potential digital marketing trends for 2022. Businesses taking these trends seriously will be successful and enjoy more profit.

Digital marketers need to pay attention to the various performance indicators, learn and analyse their goals. This is a transition period, and such times are certainly not easy. 

However, if we pick a reasonable approach, it is quite possible to use the current situation.

In this article, we will consider and analyse current trends and technologies that can be useful to digital marketing. While we shall come across multiple new trends, some are not entirely new.

Search Engine Optimization

Search algorithms evolve constantly. Now, there won’t be any dramatic changes in 2022, but some trends have been noticed already.

Google Trends


Want to know how key terms are being searched? Use Google Trends a bit more in your overall SEO strategy after considering the search engine’s actions and how it uses keywords for business development.

User Experience


Users online always have expected fast turnover, whether it is getting an answer to a query or finding information online about a company. With more and more people working from home, the competition for companies to get a customer’s attention has only got tougher. 

Your customers want feedback right now—every second matters. So if something is not working out right now in your UX, maybe it’s time to look for alternatives. Also, remember search engines factor in your User Experience. It means that if your website constantly loads slowly, visitors may leave the site sooner, search engines will penalize you. 


Giving you a lower search engine ranking also lowers your traffic footfall. Yes, UX is that important!

Want to create a positive UX?

We know you do! Here’s how to do it.

1. Have fast page loading times.

2. Your website needs to have a simple and logical structure.

3. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly since more and more people use smartphones to access websites and other online utilities.

Semantic search


Most of the time, web users are searching for something. Keywords have been a prominent factor behind such visibility. This allows search engines to rank content according to search relevance, which also aids in ranking up a site. All of this is due to semantic search methods and content SEO.

Search robots, also called crawlers, use the web searchers’ query semantics to determine their search intention. As years pass by, this capability of crawlers is only increasing. Search queries are becoming more conversational, and this is done to understand one’s intention and goal quickly and precisely. 

Today, voice assistants perform better in semantic search and are based on A.I. technology.

PPC Advertising


PPC advertising is highly appreciated for its effectiveness, and this trend will continue in 2022. The truth is that high-quality PPC advertising is essential for digital marketing.

According to Google Economic Impact, a business gets $2 back for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. This is something you may want to remember when creating your PPC campaign strategy for 2022. Here are the top contextual advertising trends for the coming year.

Privacy concerns


Many companies are collecting user data like queries, location, and interests. This is being done to make using the World Wide Web more accessible and effective for users. However, it becomes tough to pay more attention to confidential information and personal data protection. User information is taken only to understand target audience behaviour and choose the ideal way of advertising. Most search engines and companies allow people to determine what information can be collected; it doesn’t compromise confidentiality.

When it comes to PPC advertising, these limitations create issues. For PPC marketers, these limitations directly affect the effectiveness of their campaigns. The bad news is that evolving data protection laws will be coming in 2022, and these requirements will only increase from here on. Non-compliance will only cost companies a whole lot more due to hefty fines.

According to Gartner, content personalization will be abandoned in the coming years, mainly due to personal information fraud rather than strict rules protecting personal information online. Only 12% of users are happy about their data being collected for advertising as it helps them search for what they want.

Companies shall protect their users’ personal information and won’t go against the confidentiality norms.



It is essential to know how to increase conversion when it comes to advertisement campaign efficiency. This is where Artificial Intelligence is proving to be helpful. It allows automated contextual advertising to appear and thus increase the success rate of an ad campaign. Due to A.I., it is easier for ad campaigns to be client-focussed and forecast clicks and conversion ratings.

Voice search analysis


This is a relatively newer technology. Big names like Apple, Amazon, and Google have all created their versions of voice search. All one needs to do is to use it. Voice allows businesses to grow organically. Most of the time, people who search by voice are more interested in the search results, be they services or products. Such an audience is more likely to buy, which boosts your sales.

Predictive chatbots


Chatbots are getting more predictive, and that’s a good thing. They can learn how to communicate better through communicating with clients and customers. Such chatbots are essential for your client service department. 

They can answer questions faster, can solve problems more quickly, and if all else fails, they can transfer the communication to a human agent. And since chatbots are fantastic in helping people advance from being a visitor to being a buyer, these are good sales agents as well.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)


CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization allows for the fine-tuning of a sales funnel. This increases your ROI. CRO aims to get visitors to your website and then turn those visitors into revenue-generation avenues. This does not necessarily mean a purchase since revenue can also be generated by downloading a specific free resource, booking a class, or buying a subscription.

For CRO, there are two crucial factors:

– How are people arriving at your website?

– What are they doing on your website?

Analysis of these facets lets you know where to optimize and what to strengthen. For instance, you may need to change the website, add advertising, adjust a page structure, change content, etc. For 2022, CRO trends shall be:

– Adapting the website to mobile devices

– Reasonable personalization in compliance with data confidentiality rules

– Building trust with users by providing transparency of work

All of these shall increase your conversion.

Social Media Marketing


Covid-19 has forced people to work from home or has given them more time to spend on social media platforms. Due to this, more marketing strategies have also moved to social media avenues. 

When creating a social media strategy, it is essential to consider the current global scenario and the location you are targeting. The more global and local knowledge you get, the more personalized and empathic your messages can be. Thus, it is vital to keep in touch with current trends.

Video marketing


Advertising by video format is on the rise. More and more users don’t like to go through a wall of text each time. Video is faster to go through, can be more fun, entertaining and informative. 

For digital marketing, it means that professionals need to experiment with, create and perfect various video formats and interaction methods. It is crucial to optimize all videos for increasing page view numbers. To do that, you need a good thumbnail image, good subtitles, and a transcription text of the video.


In 2022, digital marketers will have to walk a fine line between compliance with confidentiality laws and providing personalized content. Keeping customers and users in the centre of a product has always been important, and this trend will only grow stronger from here on.

All of the trends discussed above will be useful for digital marketers in 2022. However, two things shall continue to play a pivotal role: the pandemic and technological developments. 

The pandemic is not over. Thus, it will pay to remain flexible in marketing planning and to know about changing market conditions, interest and demand, and global and local trends.

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