Free Digital Marketing Courses by Facebook

Whether you are looking to develop skills or want to become a professional digital marketer, Facebook can help you.

Facebook rolled out free online learning courses aimed to help users develop their skills needed especially in social media marketing.

Facebook wrote: ”Earlier this year, we made a pledge to train 1 million US business owners and equip more people with the digital skills they need to compete in the modern workplace. Today we’re sharing updates about new tools and resources to further this commitment, helping people access new career opportunities.

We’re launching Learn with Facebook, a career development site that provides an introduction to both the hard and soft skills people need to advance in today’s digital workforce. Learn with Facebook’s lessons include “Ace Your Interview” and “Manage Your Content Marketing” and are free to access. They feature case studies, insider tips and resources from industry experts.”

Previously, Facebook rolled out “Jobs on Facebook” (Job Board) which added new features for businesses to post a job opportunity on their own pages and they can also post to the members.

Another tool that is available for mentor needs is Mentorships which will help users choose their mentors easily according to their related goals and interests.

Facebook seeks to be a platform that helps job seekers meet their future employers like LinkedIn by launching ‘Learning with Facebook’ that helps users learn everything about digital marketing from basic to code writing. Users can also learn how to write a resume and how to win the interview for a professional digital marketing field.

Why Facebook is interested in the job board?

The latest report on the global labour market shows that while digital marketing is growing, there is still a lot of unskilled workers. Facebook wants to help develop this career in order to keep up with the digital age.

Axios expects advertising revenue on the job search site to be approximately $2 billion by the end of 2018. Although Facebook says that its platform doesn’t need to compare with LinkedIn but the free digital marketing courses could mean Facebook would have a share in the job search market. At least it is an alternative for job seekers.

What you can learn from ‘Learning with Facebook’?

If you are interested in digital marketing that focuses on social media marketing and wants to change your career, starting from the basic to a professional level. Learning with Facebook will help you enhance your digital marketing skills and develop your career.

The e-learning – ‘Learning with Facebook’ – has 4 courses in 13 lessons. Starting with basic to professional to a career and developing the full potential of work.

It only takes less than 10 minutes for each lesson to complete. Here are the details.

1. Digital marketing: get started – 4 lessons.

  • Discover social media marketing
  • Pick the perfect social platform
  • Grow a thriving community
  • Get digital with customer support

2. Digital marketing: go further – 4 lessons.

  • Manage your content marketing
  • Unlock the power of digital storytelling
  • Maximize your marketing with analytics
  • Get the value of coding

3. Your career: getting hired – 2 lessons.

  • Boost your resume
  • Ace your interview

4. Your career: excel at work – 3 lessons.

  • Practice your problem solving
  • Become an effective team player
  • Re-think the way you learn

The lessons are including suggestions, examples and recommend tools that can be actually used in work. Learn more here.