Future of DHL Allyouneed.com marketplace might be local

German logistics and shipment company DHL last week exposed that they would be shutting down operations on the allyouneed.com marketplace that it had released in Germany. We covered that story here. And as they said at the time:

From the very beginning, our primary objective was to internally develop our ecommerce know-how in a sector-specific way and to utilize this knowledge in our logistical core company, since our core competence is and stays logistics. With the marketplace model, we have gathered valuable ecommerce proficiency.
— DHL spokesperson

We took that to mean that the experiment had been basically useful and successful however that DHL were eager to refocus energies on their core, extremely substantial, business.Whilst they said that they expected to close down in the second half of this year it wasn’t clear whether the marketplace had a future to not. It’s not an unimportant proposal: obviously 3000 merchants offer on the market and it delights in widespread brand acknowledgment. Ever since DHL has clarified that they “are open to any type of deals.”

A number of elements of allyouneed.com are intriguing and might well suggest it is an appealing prospect for buyers or investments. They likewise run local concerns that can supply a city with a bespoke regional marketplace for merchants. One German city has been keen to mention that it is eager for its regional marketplace to continue if an operator can be found. Regional business organisation City-Marketing Bonn in the former West German capital is making encouraging noises.And DHL has likewise shown that it would not always be leaving inexorably from their market and could continue to make earnings by using continuous logistics support. We’ll see how it works out but the future for this market could be local and that’s an interesting opportunity. It’s fascinating that there aren’t so many local online marketplaces out there due to the fact that it seems like an apparent and rich joint.

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