‘Future Of The Business World With Digital Marketing’ Says Nicholas Cormier

Cormier Media Becomes One Of The Most Reliable And Recommended Digital Marketing Agencies In Canada.

Story Of the Founder – Nicholas Cormier

Nicholas Cormier was brought up in a small community and his childhood wasn’t easy. At the age of 9, his mother passed away which gave him a hard and massive life change. While he moved to his grandparents, he was bullied at school and had to learn the art of patience and hustling to survive school. It was then, Nicholas, learned the value of money and hard work. Nicholas was a mature boy irrespective of age because of the turmoils he had faced in life. But this didn’t stop him from dreaming. He always wanted to be financially free and travel the world.

While he was 16-17 years old, Nicholas used to work in the construction field of the steel industry. He left the job to start a car dealership high-paying sales job where he learnt the art of performing sales and developed his skills in the power of selling. After a quick 2-month experience, he found a problem with selling used cars as he felt he was ripping people off selling their cars that were way above market value to make only a few dollars.

Beginning Of The Cormier Media Dynasty

The thought of creating his own venture began when he went backpacking in Asia. He then decided strongly to quit his construction job in the steel industry because he believed there is huge potential out there in the digital world. A dedicated effort, energy, drive to succeed helped him start the ‘Cormier Media’ venture.

This was started with the intention to help as many businesses as possible. Cormier Media’s goal is to help small businesses to large corporations streamline, automate, and increase revenue for the businesses we work with. They are also striving to provide more jobs to the local resources and bring a difference in the global community, leaving no stone unturned. They aspire to help at least 1000 businesses globally within 2 years of operation.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Nicholas Cormier is a very different and old business soul who has complete clarity on his mission and goals for the venture. Many become entrepreneurs for different reasons like freedom, innovation, and the room to be creative, etc. What makes him different is the outlook he has to help others succeed and grow before his own growth. To be successful, one does not have to reinvent the wheel. One needs to solve problems, save businesses’ money, time and help people make more money. Success will eventually follow you when you help other people reach their goals.

Nicholas shares his thoughts with the fellow preneurs, ‘What inspires me to keep going on this journey even when things are rough, is that I know even in the hard times my family and business owners are counting on me and I can never let my family and clients down. Something that really inspires me in the rough times is that in the world of marketing our clients are like-minded and it’s super gratifying to work for people in the marketing industry.’

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