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“We long for unity, but are unwilling to pay the price. But of course, true unity cannot be so easily won. It starts with a change in attitudes – a broadening of our minds, and a broadening of our hearts.” President Barack Obama

Today it seems as if a line has been drawn in America, begging each of us to choose a side. Our team at Ruben Digital remains focused on one unifying value that gets overlooked in times of division: humanity.

It isn’t that our team of individuals don’t have their own political views, it’s just very clear to us what the power of unity can do for a community. For years we’ve worked hard to build up our communities; the physical communities we reside in and the social media communities we’ve built in the digital world.

A Psychology Today article shares: “But beyond our own individual political perspectives, I think it’s time to really focus on our shared humanity right now. Healing the wounds that recent U.S. politics have caused is, to my mind, foundational right now as we work collectively toward a better national and global community. One that sits on a base of respect, trust, and love. One that sits on a foundation that underscores our shared humanity.”

Across all political factions, the following tend to be true:

Focusing on what connects us as a human race can be extremely difficult, especially given the current tumultuous climate of our nation and the world regarding politics and the pandemic. As a team, we’ve all come up with our own methods to protect our sanity, serenity, and work productivity.

Our role as your outsourced digital marketing team has given us insight into the daily stresses many people are facing. Everywhere you look online, there are triggers for outrage, stress, pandemic fears, and emotional pain. Many people are even taking breaks from social media for the sake of their mental health. Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. We’ve decided to share our personal tools for handling this chaotic time, along with some extra help from our clients…

A Word from Nate…

As America battles the Coronavirus together, much debate has emerged on whether or not work from home is a sustainable concept. I have worked hard as the team leader to instill a culture where work from home was encouraged early on. Our team has used smart communication tools, tactfully delivered messages, and a great deal of personal ownership in our task management to create an ideal balance making work from home work for us.

When my wife and I bought our home this year, we knew it was important to create a peaceful and productive space. Not knowing how long quarantine would last, our most important goal was for each of us to have our own personal space within our shared sanctuary.

For me, health is the only true wealth. Maintaining a lifestyle dedicated to health and fitness is not something I do for looks or outside approval. It is a way of life that builds greater mental clarity and emotional stability. In our new home, I created a space to meditate and workout daily. This space has brought me lots of joy! I have had years of practice with meditation, and occasionally I will guide my team in a centering/grounding meditation.

Need some help getting started with meditation? Check out my short grounding guided meditation video…

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