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There are various types of digital marketing that you need to consider as a brand or a business Not all types of digital marketing provide the same results for everyone and ignoring what you don’t know means that you are going to miss out on the conversion advantages provided by some of the most powerful types of digital marketing.

Here, we will help you understand the most popular types of digital marketing practices so that you can optimize your digital marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the knack of getting organic traffic by ranking your web pages higher on relevant search engines. You do this by optimizing your website content so that your website shows up in the top results when someone searches on relevant keywords.

Pay per Click Advertising

Consider PPC as paid SEO where you pay by the number of click-throughs. This can be done using static links or you can bid for advertising space on search engines based on certain keywords, unlike organically appearing as in the case of SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Market your brand using social media like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms help you reach a large audience for direct advertising of your products or publishing content that resonates with these groups.

Influencer Marketing

Get someone with a huge following to endorse you. By getting a famous personality to endorse your brand, you get access to their fan following. Encourage them to investigate your offerings.

Public Relations Content

Get others to talk about you. It is easier to convince people when others compliment your products and services compared to self-advertising.

Email Marketing

Utilize the ubiquity of emails for communicating with your audience. Send out newsletters, personalized emails and value offerings like e-books to get people interested in signing up.

Mobile Marketing

Create marketing campaigns targeted towards mobile devices to provide your customers with a superior experience, which will stimulate more action.

Video Marketing

Video is the most powerful kind of digital media. Utilize this form of digital marketing by creating engaging content.

Audio Marketing

Take advantage of the podcast phenomenon by tapping into audio streaming sites like Deezer and Spotify.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates have large audiences, working with them will help you expand your reach.

Brand Journalism

Brand Journalism means you create content that interests your audience without accompanying aggressive calls-to-action.

Native Advertising

Native advertising makes use of organically positioned advertisements within the content, instead of distracting placements.

Live Chat

Marketing must go beyond letting people know about you – it must convert into sales. Live chat allows people to be reassured before spending their money.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Marketing

AR and VR are powerful types of digital marketing that allow the customers to intrinsically immerse in the experience of consuming an awesome product.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs help people access simple, quick answers to their questions, which leads them to want your product.

Instant Messaging Marketing

Communicate with your audience and inform them of special deals, new products and support queries. Quick responses raise your reputation and suggest that you care about your customers.

All types of digital marketing continue to gain more importance with the increasing digital footprint of society. You do not want to be left behind, make effective use of the digital marketing techniques that fit you to increase your conversions.

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