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Many of our entrepreneurs do not know what digital marketing is and how to use it. And only because of that sometimes they are behind in making profit. A session was organised titled “Growing Your Business with Digital Marketing” to make such people familiar with these platforms and technology. The session was conducted by Mehboob Javed, Lead Specialist, Digital Marketing, Prothom Alo.

Mehboob Javed started his speech with a presentation, where he explained what Digital Marketing is. He said, “online marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing and engagement activities done through online media channels.” 

Then Mr. Mehboob showed the ways of promoting business through digital marketing. He briefly discussed the medium also, like- social media, website, video, blog, mobile, stream, email marketing and other terms. “Digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing but on the internet,” he said.

He briefly discussed traditional marketing where he discussed inbound marketing and outbound marketing and also discussed the use cases for each type of marketing.

Mr. Mehboob showed some statistics containing the social media users and active audiences and showed how large the audience number is! Then he started briefly discussing digital marketing, where web site management, presentation and optimization was largely discussed.

Digital marketing has taken a leap forward in this pandemic situation as this made us a lot more dependent on the internet or digital world, said Mr Mehboob. 

He finished his presentation by advising the participants to start taking advantages of the digital assets and put a good use of sensible digital marketing in it to spread the business to the valid audiences. 

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