Good Content is King in Digital Marketing

A digital marketing plan has many parts–good content, search engine optimization and mobile optimization, among others. At the heart of digital marketing is relevant, engaging and compelling content. Good content tells the story of your company, and what’s more, stands as your company’s brand. Read on to learn more about creating and sharing quality content.

What Makes Quality Content

One hallmark of quality content is its relevance to your customers and potential customers. Relevant content should seek to meet a need or answer a question a customer has. For example, how can they contact you? What are your hours of business? More substantial topics are your products and services, and what makes your company unique. Frequently asked questions are another source of good, relevant content. A specific call to action is another aspect of great content. If you want your customers to subscribe to your newsletter, you can place an easily-seen button on your home page. Perhaps they can get a free quote or 30-minute free consultation. 

Make Blogging a Key Part of Good Content

Blogging can be a linchpin of your content. Each blog post should be around 300 words, and new posts are necessary to keep things fresh. Consider first how often you plan to blog, weekly or quarterly, for example. Then you can draw up a calendar with relevant topics, such as the ones listed . If you come up with additional ideas, you can write more posts in between scheduled content. 

Formatting is Important Too

Once you have generated quality content, it needs to be free of factual, spelling and grammatical errors. Not only that, it needs to be mobile-optimized for viewing on any device. Content is best contained in smaller, snackable pieces rather than large blocks. And content need not be only written; professional photographs and professionally made videos can be considered quality content, too. Within the text and in the titles and tags for photographs, keywords and phrases can be included. Employing good on-page SEO can help your quality content be seen when your company’s website comes up among the top search results.

While digital marketing may seem complex, quality content is a basic element of a marketing strategy. For help in developing content that attracts leads and transforms them into customers, contact us today.

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