Google, Flipkart, Amazon And India’s eCommerce

Print Email Berkshire and the Paytm investment might be simply an indication of the times.The eCommerce war in India is warming up, with a number of marquee names pushing into the space with huge capacity, marked by the continuing accept of the internet and preparedness to render payments over mobile devices.As for red letter days for some of the giants in digital tech? That would be Diwali, the yearly festival of lights that stretches throughout five days in early November.The News Minute reports that Google is getting all set to launch its own eCommerce initiative in the nation, with a few business actions under its belt. In addition, it has actually rebranded its Google Tez digital platform into Google Pay.If Google does concern bear with those efforts, watch for the landscape to obtain heated as the holiday might be a showing ground for Google, and, as The News Minute composes, “this news might not sound sweet” to peers and competitors such as Flipkart and Amazon, which have been aggressive in their own drives during this peak shopping time. Another entrant, specifically if it is Google, “might ruin the celebration a bit.” It’s not a surprise that there is a reasonable quantity of jockeying for eCommerce, which is estimated to be a $40 billion market, and to be worth numerous billions of dollars a few years from now.With more

choice, India’s customers could take their pick amongst myriad offerings, and be siphoned from Flipkart and Amazon. The News Minute notes that Google appears to be carrying out a multi-pronged effort. It’s combining a series of joint online/offline offerings from a far-flung merchant roster– with names such as Uber and Big Exchange– and will even offer loans to clients, which can be repaid through month-to-month installation terms. The loans are to be extended through banks including HDFC Bank and

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