Google Launches ‘Interview Warmup’ Bot To Practice Job Interviews With – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Having to speak in front of a stranger, knowing that one right move or misstep can affect your prospects in a career, is unnerving. What if you had a trained, non-judgmental figure to talk to ahead of a job interview?

Google has created ‘Interview Warmup’, a free tool to help you prepare for interviews so you’ll be more comfortable and confident in front of recruiters. The app uses machine learning to analyze your answers and recommend ways of improvement to sound more professional.

To start, you either speak into the microphone or type out responses. The Interview Warmup tool is designed to assess answers related to Google Career Certificates—which cover UX design, e-commerce, project management, data analytics, and IT support. However, anyone can use it since it also looks at replies to general prompts like, “Tell me a bit about yourself,” and “What are you looking for in your next job?”

While Google Career Certificates are paid, this month, the tech giant started making US$100,000 worth of credits available for free to all US businesses. At the end of a program, participants receive industry-recognized credentials to upgrade their careers.

The tool points out words that you tend to repeat, as well as suggests key terms relevant to the job you are applying for that you could swap out some words with.

Interview Warmup allows an unlimited number of practices to ensure you step into an interview feeling more assured about yourself. Answers will not be saved into Google’s database, though you can opt to download the transcripts.

For now, Interview Warmup is only available in the US. Try it out here.


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