GSA’s Federal Marketplace Market Day: An Opportunity for Dealing With Essential Concerns Surrounding e-Commerce|The Union for Government Procurement

On Wednesday, December 12, the General Services Administration (GSA) will be hosting a Federal Marketplace Market Day to discuss the future of the Several Award Set Up (MAS) program and its continuous implementation efforts associated with Area 846 of the (FY) 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Pursuant to that section, GSA is charged with developing and handling an e-Commerce Website program that facilitates the acquisition of particular industrial off-the-shelf items government-wide.

Notably, the date of the conference is likewise the 1 year anniversary of Area 846’s enactment into law. Anniversaries are essential. They offer us with an opportunity to show so that we might better ourselves as we advance forward. In this regard, the Union acknowledges GSA for facilitating this timely, impactful occasion for all stakeholders in the Federal procurement community. We value the opportunity to discuss the difficulties and potential advantages connected with the transfer to e-Commerce services envisioned by Area 846.

Over the previous year, much of the conversation surrounding Section 846 has actually focused on striking the right balance in between distinct federal government requirements and acquisition simplifying. As the Coalition has noted, striking this balance is very important, not only for the success of the business e-Commerce website program, however likewise for the stability of the whole Federal procurement system. Business practices and terms can enhance competition, access to innovation, and finest worth for customer companies. At the exact same time, however, there are operational imperatives and policy mandates pursuant to law and policy (e.g.cybersecurity, TAA, BAA, small company, and other choice programs) that frame the Federal market.

Application of Section 846 is a constantly developing effort, and today, GSA issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking feedback on several draft documents, as well as questions connected to its Industrial e-Commerce Websites effort. The Union is currently gathering feedback from its members on the RFI and will be sharing our input with GSA prior to the December 21st due date. As we have actually formerly stated, there are several critical problems connected to the implementation of Section 846 for the Government to address, consisting of, however not restricted to:

GSA has shown in recent forums that the principle value of the Schedules program is that it supplies customers with prepared access to certified products at “competitive” prices. Certainly, current research studies have actually confirmed this in contrasts with alternative business platforms. These research studies noted that GSA offers quicker and more affordable shipping for its consumers than the industrial alternatives to which they are compared [ 1], [2] Moreover, as part of its current announcement relating to the classification of GSA Global Supply(GGS)as a” Best-in-Class “car, the Workplace of Management and Spending Plan( OMB)and Government-wide Category Management Program Management Workplace noted that internal studies showed that GGS prices are 20-30% lower than commercial options. It will be interesting to speak with GSA at the Market Day how it will make sure that compliance and pricing offered through the commercial e-Commerce portals will be equivalent to present GSA programs. Ahead of next week’s meeting, these issues are essential and represent fertile ground for collaboration between GSA

, OMB, client agencies, and market. Such engagement increases the capacity for program success, and the Coalition for Federal government Procurement welcomes it.