Habits of a successful digital marketing professional: Pro tips.

Video has become one of the most important tools that a uses to promote businesses in today’s era due to its overwhelming response. Many businesses are preferring videos to promote their brands as it provides various formats to experiment with content, like animated video, live-action video, screen-recorded videos, etc. 

According to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video to promote their brands in 2022. If you are a marketer and willing to create content, then it becomes important for you to understand what type of video is working for you. However,  brands and marketers define  a ‘successful video’ differently. For many brands, the engagement they get in their videos determines their success. Others just want views on their videos. While for some the number of leads generated by video matters, others check for the sales generated to determine their success. Thus, if you are new to the business, it becomes very difficult to understand if your video content can be called successful or not.

In this article, we will talk about 5 metrics that you can use to calculate the success of your video.

  1. Click-Through Rate: The total number of clicks divided by the number of times a video appeared in people’s feeds can be called the click-through rate (CTR). It is calculated in percentage. This means that if a video appeared in people’s feeds a hundred times, and 20 people clicked the video, then the CTR would be 20%.

If the intent of your video is to gain website conversion then this metric is very important. These metrics also tell you if people are engaging with your content or not. 

If you see that despite the impressions, the CTR rate is low, then do a bit of research. Most of the time length of the video is an issue. 

Hence, it is important to create short-length videos depending upon the channel on which you are uploading. For example, the ideal video length for Facebook is 1 minute. 

  1. Watch time of audience: Watch time can be defined as the total time each viewer spends on watching your video. This metric gives you a better understanding of how long a user is watching your video and at which part of the content you lost them. You can use this metric to experiment with the content and also enhance the quality of your content in order to increase the watch time of the audience. 

This metric is also crucial for Search Engine Optimization, especially in the case of YouTube. In the case of YouTube, it recommends videos with high watch time to its audience. Videos with high watch time are also recommended during Google search results.  

  1. Video’s play rate: These metrics define the number of times a user clicks the play button to watch the video. It can be calculated as the number of videos played divided by the number of times it appeared on your audience’s feed. It tells about the first impression of the video. 

If the play rate of your video is low then you can improve it with the following tips: 

  • Add effective thumbnails: You can use a thumbnail which develops the interest of viewers. You can improve the resolution of thumbnails, add attractive titles and also add images that compel the audience to click the video.
  • Choose the right size and position of the video: According to research done by Wistia, the videos which are positioned higher on the website have more play rates than the ones situated in the lower part of the website. 
  1. Measure the retention of your audience: Audience retention can be defined as the percentage of viewers watching your video from start to end. This metric gives you an insight to the parts of content your audience loves and what not. Based on the platform, graphical result is generated. 

These results can be flat line, bumpy, gradual decline or sudden drops. 

  • The video which has a flat line means the audience watched the video from start to end. You can use this video format and length to generate leads. 
  • Similarly, a sudden drop means users are losing interest after a certain part of the video and are most likely dropping off. In this case ensure to make changes to optimize your video.
  • Bumpy graphics means that people skip certain parts of videos but watch and share the other parts. This means the user is engaged however, certain parts of the video seem unnecessary and irrelevant.
  1. Check the demographics of your viewers: It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the demographics of your viewers. This includes understanding the age, locality, and language spoken by your viewers.

According to a YouTube report published in 2020, 54% of Indians watch videos in Hindi, while only 16% of Indians watch videos in English. Similarly, 70% of viewers are 15–34 years old, and 37% of them are from rural backgrounds. Similarly, you too need to identify your target audience based on various demographics. This will help you to increase your reach among the people who will be your consumers. Thus, this metric is important as it helps you understand your target audience and create content based on it. 

You can create your next video marketing campaign based on the above metrics and watch it boost by performance! Good luck!

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