Healthcare Cloud Security Stack now readily available on Azure Marketplace

Health Care Cloud Security Stack now readily available on Azure Marketplace

Posted on September 27, 2018

The success of health care organizations today is reliant on data-driven decision making. Inability to quickly gain access to and procedure client data due to outdated facilities may lead to life or death circumstances. Healthcare companies are making the shift to the cloud to enable better health results. A crucial part of that process is guaranteeing security and vulnerability management.The Healthcare Cloud

Security Stack for Microsoft Azure addresses these critical needs, helping entities utilize cloud services without losing concentrate on cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance. Healthcare Cloud Security Stack provides a continuous view of vulnerabilities and a total security suite for cloud and hybrid workloads.What is Health care Cloud Security Stack?Healthcare Cloud Security Stack which is now offered on Azure Marketplace, uses Qualys Vulnerability

Management and Cloud Agents, Trend Micro Deep Security, and XentIT Executive Dashboard as a merged cloud risk management service. Qualys cloud representatives constantly collect vulnerability info and are mapped to Pattern Micro Deep Security(TMDS )IPS.In the event that Qualys evaluates a vulnerability and Deep Security has a virtual spot available, the Pattern Micro Deep Security virtual patching

engages until a physical spot is offered and deployed. XentIT’s Executive Control panel offers a single pane of glass into the vulnerabilities identified by Qualys. XentIT’S Executive Control panel likewise offer the number and kinds of risks obstructed by Trend Micro, in addition to actionable intelligence for more examination and removal by security experts and engineers.The Health care Cloud Security Stack unified service eliminates the overhead of security automation and orchestration after migration to the cloud resulting in: Modernization of IT facilities while

maintaining concentrate on cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance.Gaining of actionable insights to proactively manage vulnerabilities.Simplification of security management to maximize resources for other priorities.

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