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InVue Digital, Hearst Digital Marketing Services’ premier agency, is looking for a talented, hardworking, and highly-motivated search engine marketing specialist to join our rapidly growing team of digital marketers.  

The Type of Person We’re Looking For:  

·       You have a passion for paid search engine marketing and digital marketing as a whole.
·       You have a strong understanding of PPC and what it takes to drive results for a client.
·       You’re well-versed in the intricacies of Google and Microsoft ads, their interfaces, requirements, and best practices. 
·       You are self-motivated, able to multitask, and hold yourself accountable for your work and the associated deadlines.
·       You are capable of working in a remote environment and properly collaborating with distributed teammates. 
·       You have an entrepreneurial attitude and are always seeking new opportunities to better the situation of yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and the agency.
·       You have strong verbal communication skills with a strong ability to explain complex situations in an easy-to-understand manner. 
·       You have strong written communication skills and are capable of crafting high-quality emails, ad copy, and website content when necessary.
·       You have a strong understanding of how to responsibly manage budgets for large clients.
·       You have a strong understanding of digital marketing performance metrics, as they relate to your job and core responsibilities.
·       You have strong technical capabilities including an understanding of various coding languages and how they relate to your job functions.
·       You are able to properly manage stress, perform well in fast-paced environments, and utilize the resources available to you in order to maintain your workload.
·       You are organized and able to manage multiple concurrent tasks and requests from clients or internal channels.
·       You are able to delegate work to your available resources and lead your colleagues to ensure that we are working toward a singular goal. 
·       You are proactive with your work and consistently bring new ideas to the table.
·       You have a desire and ability to learn and develop quickly.
·       You have strong determination to go above and beyond to ensure clients surpass their competition.

Key Responsibilities: 

·       Overseeing the strategy and performance of multiple agency PPC and display marketing campaigns.
·       Day to day management of PPC campaigns including performance optimization, budget management, and campaign development in Google and Microsoft Ads platforms. 
·       Providing internal reports on department campaign performance to the Agency Director.
·       Working with the Agency Director to implement new strategies and improve current processes.

·       Acting as a go-to SEM resource for agency sales, staff and clients.
·       Performing quality assurance prior to launching campaigns.
·       Providing weekly and monthly updates to agency clients and partners regarding performance, metrics and trends.
·       Appropriately managing client budgets to ensure appropriate pacing in order to meet campaign goals.
·       Achieving stated campaign goals through appropriate budget allocation and optimization of campaigns in order to consistently deliver a strong return for our clients.
·       Performing in-depth keyword research, strategic analysis, competitive assessment, ad production, and campaign development.
·       Recommending content and layout suggestions for websites to improve user experience and lead conversion.
·       Implementing and refining Google Analytics tracking, including troubleshooting errors and setting up goal or eCommerce tracking capability. 
·       Monitoring and implementing new and emerging trends in SEM, and helping to educate team members on these trends.
·       Performing other related duties as assigned.

The InVue Story: InVue Digital was founded in 2014 to help enterprise clients achieve their marketing goals with a white-glove approach to their service. With the backing of the HEARST organization, we have assembled an extremely talented team of digital marketers who provide search and social solutions for our clients. The support of a national salesforce has developed an eclectic ensemble of clients, ranging from high fashion and luxury resorts to oil field supply manufacturers and energy suppliers. 

Office Location: While the InVue Digital team is headquartered in Buffalo, NY, we operate fully remotely and offer our team members the benefit of working from wherever they please. The team collaborates through chat and video technology in order to ensure that we are maintaining our cohesive workflow and holding each other accountable.

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