Heidi Joins Stellar Blue as Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist

Heidi Joins Stellar Blue as Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist

posted on May 16, 2019

It’s nice to meet you! I am Heidi Reinke and I’m a Digital Marketing and Analytics Specialist with Stellar Blue Technologies. With more than 17 years of marketing, design, writing and strategy experience, my passion is to help other people and businesses in dare-to-be-great and creative adventures while making a meaningful impact on our world and community.

My decision to pursue a career in marketing was inspired by, of all things, pantyhose. My mother watched a lot of soap operas while I was growing up and it was the pantyhose commercials that sucked me in. I always wanted to be that professional looking woman in her skirt suit and heels, with leather briefcase in tow, happily trotting across the busy city street to get to her super important career. So when it came time for college, marketing seemed to be my path to the pantyhose life. The bonus was that I fell in love with marketing along the way. (Although, during this journey, I did come to realize that pantyhose and heels are the work of the devil.)

I also love computers and technology, so digital marketing is a natural fit for me. I am an übernerd at heart. My passion for technology dates back to elementary school when I decided it would be fun to teach myself BASIC programming on my Commodore 64. I realized I could actually make this machine do something by typing in a few lines of code. This was a puzzle, it needed to be solved and I was on a mission. A techno-hippie was born.

Here comes the hippie part. I consider myself to be what I call a marketing purist. My goal in marketing is to uncover the unique value of a product or service and communicate that value to other people whose lives can be enhanced from it in the most authentic way possible. I don’t market stuff just to sell more stuff. I truly want to be a part of creating and marketing something that makes the world a better place.

Now the less interesting, but SEO-enhancing parts…I have experience with the insurance, education, healthcare, nonprofit, construction, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and fashion industries—from a Fortune 500 to entrepreneurs and everything in between. Strengths that I bring to the table in helping Stellar Blue’s clients achieve their goals are my holistically strategic approach, over the top level of organization and tenacious determination to find the best solutions possible.