Home in WA Episode 23 | Digital marketing sophistication

Home in WA – Sophisticated digital marketing

In episode 23 of Home in WA, host Jon Williams sits down with Nick Sertis and Matt Cahill of Signifi Media to discuss how their sophisticated digital ad platform Loopa Automate is changing how real estate agencies do business.
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Interview with Nick Sertis and Matt Cahill, Co-Founders @ Signifi Media

Since the dawn of social media in the late 90s, the opportunities to network and connect with more people have grown exponentially. Initially, the benefits were purely social. But some 25 years later, and with the benefit of some pretty impressive technology, this media has become the most powerful marketing strategy on the planet. 

To find out more about this exciting new offering, host Jon Williams caught up with Signifi Media Directors, Nick Certus and Matt Cahill.

Jon Williams: Matt, tell us about the exciting new tech that The Agency are now using.

Matt Cahill: Jon, we’ve got this fantastic platform called Loopa Automate. And essentially, we developed this over the last four years. It’s in over 10 international markets and The Agency are using us to provide digital marketing to their vendors. And what we do is basically provide a sophisticated campaign that usually costs thousands, at only costing hundreds. And we automate that across Google and social media. We essentially just advertise your listings to get higher engagement and get it out to potential buyers in market.

Jon Williams: So Nick, in simple terms, how does this tech help The Agency clients?

Nick Certus: The way it increases the visibility and helps The Agency’s clients is by matching up buyer and seller. It actually puts that relevant listing in front of the buyer wherever they are online, whether they’re reading the news or on social media, helping to accelerate the amount of interest for that property during the early stages of the property going on market.

What an impressive way to supercharge the connection process between buyer and seller in any given market! To find out more about how this new tech could help with your property, talk to one of our expert property partners or go to theagency.com.au

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