Hong Kong based firm scouts for digital marketing agencies in India

Hong Kong based WIN Industries Limited is on the lookout for a media buying agency in India, with focus on digital skills.

Hong Kong based WIN Industries is on the lookout for a media buying agency in India with strong focus on digital capabilities. WIN Industries is responsible for supplying items to a website known as StyleTrendLab. To facilitate the supply, WIN Industries coordinates with 50 factories (that produce items like jackets, shoes, handbags, etc) who are its supply chain partners. WIN Industries is presently a 100-member organisation that operates primarily out of China.

WIN Industries is solely owned by Neha Sureka and the company has plans to open offices in the US, Dubai and Singapore, and eventually reach a turnover of over USD 200 million by 2023. The company plans to focus on the following target users who will provide market penetration: specialty business users, general business users, and personal users. Countries like China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, which have been identified as trader locations, will be a focal point. The company’s main TG are in the US, Europe and West Asian markets in addition to the South East Asian markets. It is banking on the current growing trend of using latest fashion in these regions.

Over email, Vinay Sureka, director of WIN Industries mentioned that the company is looking for an agency that has access to the old Facebook Business Manager, in which it is possible to create 40-50 sub-accounts. He said the company will share 50 Facebook e-mail addresses, for which the agency needs to create individual sub-accounts for each email address. The company will pay a certain amount of money to the agency, and the agency needs to credit the amount in the Facebook sub-accounts.

He also specified that the company also requires a Business Manager (BM) who has a good credit line with Facebook. He mentioned that in their experience, BM accounts with a good credit line are more stable than those without it. Sureka said that the target is to reach USD 200K-250K under one BM and that the company welcomes multiple BMs as the target is to spend USD 1.5M per month. All the creatives and campaign strategy will be handled by the merchant’s team.