Hootsuite partners Proofpoint to help client’s social media posts meet compliance standards – Digital Intelligence daily digital marketing research

With this feature, social media posts created within Hootsuite’s new compose platform will be automatically screened and users notified to common compliance policy violations.

The partnership will provide peace of mind and ease of use across channels, while supporting customers to strategically grow their brands, businesses and customer relationships with social.

“Driving this kind of customer-focused innovation is integral to delivering on our promise of helping customers strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social,” said Ryan Donovan, SVP of Product and Technology at Hootsuite. “This feature will put up the guardrails, and give our customers in regulated industries the confidence to empower their people to capitalise on the power of social media to achieve their business objectives, particularly around social selling.”

With this feature, social media posts created within Hootsuite’s new compose platform will be automatically screened. As users compose social media messages, they are alerted in real time, while they type, to common compliance policy violations. In the event of violations, the ability to post is automatically disabled until the user fixes the errors. This provides real-time guidance with clear instructions similar to how a spell checker works, providing a much better experience for users as they can learn and correct common compliance mistakes, rather than trying to publish and having their content rejected.

“Advanced, real-time social media compliance functionality is a critical need for all organisations that operate in regulated industries,” said Dan Nadir, VP of Digital Risk and Compliance Solutions for Proofpoint. “In partnership with Hootsuite, our predictive compliance feature educates regulated users on compliance policies and eliminates the need for supervisors to review messages manually. It will create efficiencies for organisations in regulated industries who can now leverage all of the advantages of social media.”

Hootsuite Enterprise customers who also subscribe to Proofpoint Social Syndicate can now access the predictive compliance feature within Hootsuite’s industry-leading social suite. Proofpoint Social Syndicate simplifies compliance for digital content sources and publishers across the entire organisation.