How a Digital Marketing Certificate Will Help You Understand Consumer Behaviour

Social media helps companies sell to customers. Companies can use social media in different ways to sell products or services. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin can all help companies sell their services and products. This is because of the way customers use social media.

Different companies sell to different kinds of customers. When businesses understand how customers behave, they can make changes. These changes can create more customers.  If you study how this works, you can use what you know to improve sales. You can learn how customers get information and what they do with it. Here are some ways that your training can help you understand customers on social media. Read on to learn more!

How Your Digital Marketing Course Can Help You Understand Facebook

People can act in different ways depending on how they feel. When people feel very good or very bad about something they see, they might share it more. On Facebook, businesses use feelings to have people share their posts. Customers might feel afraid, happy, sad, or a lot of joy. This can affect what they do. Either way, if companies can connect to feelings, they will affect how people behave. A will help you understand other ways that people behave on Facebook.

Customer behaviour is affected by their feelings
Customer behaviour is affected by their feelings

Digital Marketing Foundations Students Know why Stories Matter

Businesses can use social media to tell stories. People connect to stories. Stories make people experience feelings, and sometimes customers connect to characters in stories. Stories can also be good for building brands and helping customers like and remember the company.

Companies tell stories about themselves. Their stories are ways to show what matters to them. For example, a story about their success might show that they value hard work. Or, a story about family might show that they value relationships.

A good way to share stories with customers is through the customers themselves. Companies like to invite people to share things on social media and connect to their brand. For example, a customer can tell the story of how the service benefited them, or about a good customer service experience they had. This means that customers are telling the business’s story too. Showing a customer’s photos is another way to keep them involved.

Customers Like Useful Resources

When people see useful things on social media, they engage with them. A lot of brands use this strategy by making and sharing things that people can use. These can be recipes, games, or even coupons and other deals. Sometimes companies write interesting blogs for customers to read. This makes customers feel like the business cares about them. They see value right away. Customers can use the games, recipes, or other items, which makes them feel connected to the brand. This can help to build loyalty and recognition.

Customers like reading blogs
Customers like reading blogs

Contests are another fun way to give customers value. People like the idea of winning a prize, so they are more likely to share things if it means they have a chance of getting a reward. When lots of people participate in a contest, it can help more people learn about the company. To encourage engagement and help more people learn about your company, you can make sharing a message be part of entering the contest. A can help you understand these strategies even more.

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