How do you run your retail store with Shopify POS and Shopify E-Commerce and run specials properly?

Prior to a month ago, we were using Shopify for our website and ran a ‘connector’ app from our Shopify store which kept all our products lined up for inventory and such.  It was not a bad solution but it broke variants at times and sometimes did some wacky things.  

Shopify gave me a sales call in regards to their “new” POS system and we were contemplating changing over to it anyways so we decided to jump right in.  This would solve a number of issues and we didn’t foresee the amount of issues it was going to create either.

This month for Boxing week we are running a no-tax event.  Legally we have to charge our customers tax and since our tax rate is 13%, we discount the product 11.5% which is exactly 13% after taxes are applied.  We use an app which updates all our products so that the “Compare At Price” shows the original price and the “Price” field gets the discount applied.  It works nicely in this arrangement.

We use Stocky to handle our product purchases, printing of labels and all that fun stuff.  The issue is that once the sale is on, if we print new product labels for our products, they get the sale discount on them.  We have over 24,000 skus in our store and over $1,000,000 worth of inventory in a massive store.  We can’t reprice everything in our store every time a sale goes on.  

So, one workaround we came up with is that the regular price shows on our products and we use a “discount code” for 11.5% discount.  This solution isn’t as visually appealing to our e-commerce customers because they don’t see the discount in front of them and they physically have to enter in a code that we promote to get the discount.  The other issue is that we give our customers more ways to save by issuing them reward points for their orders.  The issue with the discount code is that they can’t apply any additional discounts to the orders at all.  Using discount codes also creates a lot more work for the guys at the sales counter since they have to manually apply the discount to each sale they do.  

Can you guys foresee any way around this or do we have to go back to our old way of applying sales using discount codes.  This way just feels so archaic.  

Throw me some ideas!

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