How Financial Services Firms Build a Digital Marketing Strategy Team | Bbg, Inc.

There is a strong correlation between the team behind your marketing strategy and the strategy’s success.  Through the ongoing development of your digital marketing strategy, you will learn who you need to add to the group.

At the beginning of the strategic planning process, you should only concern yourself with the core members. THese are the people vital to the leadership of your firm’s growth.  For a larger firm with dedicated departments, you may want to include experts from marketing, sales, and IT/technology systems.

If you are unsure at the early stages, you can always add members later on.  In general, it is better to start with fewer than too many.

Think outside of what seems natural to you.  Are your marketing and sales leaders the ones that would be most helpful on this project, or is it the customer service teams and salespeople who interact with your customers all day?

Let’s explore this idea further. Remember, this is about the team forming your marketing strategy, not necessarily the marketing team that would execute it.

Forming a Marketing Team Based on the Group Dynamics

A collective of individuals will not operate as the individuals do on their own.  While you know this, it is common for us to collect a set of professionals to represent different views, but not fully anticipate how they will engage together.

You should have the understanding of who your people are, who would fit best on the team, and who wouldn’t. On paper, it may sound great to have a certain set of individuals heading this project with you.  However, if those individuals have a history of not getting along well, it might prove a challenge to make this work.

While it would be wonderful to believe everyone works well in harmony, that simply becomes more and more complex as an organization grows larger. We are dealing with people. Of course, managing group dynamics would need a book on its own, so for now, I’m asking that you be cognizant of the concept.

Not in a Leadership Role?

If you aren’t the leader of the organization, it will be a good idea to keep leadership involved in some manner.  You need to determine if they want complete involvement, or occasional check-ins. Leadership buy-in is vital. If you find yourself as an accessory to the whole plan, then consider having this talk about team development with your leadership. You don’t need a title to act as a leader.