How Gamification Can Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

By judethomas

Once upon a time, digital media related to gaming was initially thought of as just a niche, a temporary fad that will fade over the years. Fast forward to today, and gaming is now one of the most profitable forms of media worldwide, with millions of dedicated players contributing to the millions earned each passing day.

This makes gaming a very profitable and lucrative industry that can also be a viable marketing tool for various industries. Over the years, we have seen companies try and use gaming media as a part of their digital marketing strategies. On the other end, digital marketing has been really effective in promoting gaming as well, with some of the most ambitious marketing campaigns crafted to promote equally ambitious video games.

With this kind of success on both ends of the spectrum, gamification has turned into a viable element of various digital marketing strategies and has provided an extra degree of interactivity that could not be achieved before. With that in mind, here is how Gamification can help boost your digital marketing game.

Enhance the user experience

Back in the early days of traditional marketing, the amount of interaction that customers can get from a marketing campaign was limited to only physical interactions at live events. This meant that audience participation and interaction was few and far in between. While television commercials greatly contributed to the marketing boom during the past few decades, there was not much in the way of audience interaction.

Through gamification, the audience now has the ability to impact marketing strategies through participation. One of the more common ways brands use gamification is through gaming apps dedicated to marketing the product. These apps not only endorse products and enhance interactivity, but also help generate more audience interest. There are also times that the game becomes popular enough to stand on its own as well, which helps promote a brand to an even wider audience.

One of the most popular brands that use gamification was Audi, which launched the successful Audi A4 Driving Challenge. The game involves a series of driving mini-games that allow users to experience what it would feel like to drive an Audi A4. This app not only got downloaded by millions of users but also helped Audi promote their latest car model and boost their sales.

Relay your message and increase awareness

One of the advantages of using gamification is that it will not only boost your sales but also raise brand awareness that helps convey the message of your brand to your audience. The best kind of marketing is marketing that is meaningful and resonates with the audience’s emotions. Gamification can help relay the message much better using inventive and interesting types of games that the audience would find meaningful and fun to play again and again.

A lot of today’s video games explore numerous subject matter, such as politics, religion, morality, and also raise questions about various real-world topics. This helps make a more relatable …read more

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