How Healthy Is Your Marketplace? Really.

Platform leakage, take rates, purchaser: seller ratios, onboarding drop offs, gross product worth. A foreign language for many, but if you run a market and are attempting to out-maneuver the competitors in an intense landscape everyday, this is exactly what you live by.It doesn’t matter if you’re running a classifieds website, e-commerce market, a consumer services platform such as DoorDash or Airbnb, or a transport service business that offers trip sharing or scootering. These are the metrics that you live by.Team Kahuna has been heads down constructing out the initially detailed growth and retention marketing platform for consumer marketplaces.Seven of the # 1 local markets worldwide, from San Paulo to Singapore already utilize Kahuna to drive buyer marketing, seller optimization and liquidity. And the results are genuine: Restorando experienced a 53 %boost

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