How Important is E-Marketing? Survey Says……

Surveys provide a wealth of information. Most recent political surveys will tell you what candidate is in first place for the week. Fun surveys provide the key element for game shows… five answers on the board (I can hear Steve Harvey saying that in my head for the Family Feud). But they also provide insight into peoples habits. And it is those surveys that help us market properties.

Consider This.  Did you know a recent survey shows that 83% of real estate buyers want pictures of your property at their fingertips? And that 79% of real estate buyers want detailed property information before they will consider stepping on your property. And 43% of buyers want to see a video tour of your property before they make contact with any agent. Wow, how times have changed!

So how do these survey results effect the seller and the real estate team they hire?  Sellers will need to make sure their property is marketed in a way so buyers will find the information they are looking for at their fingertips.  Will the agent put multiple photographs of my property online?  Will those pictures be flattering to my property? (Pet Peeve Alert…. I cannot stand poor property photos).  Will the agent give detailed information about my property so that prospective buyers will be intrigued to consider my property?  And will the agent create a video for my property?  Do they even do that?

The answer to all of those questions at Hagen Realty Group is Yes, Yes and Yes. We take the time to prepare an E-Marketing campaign that will provide the most information possible to prospective buyers.  We take multiple photos, provide a detailed Property Information Package (PIP) and even create a video that is posted for 24/7 viewing.  In addition we utilize professional email services to send your property directly to thousands of email inboxes.

So the next time you hear “Survey Says……” know that the team at Hagen Realty Group already knows the answers!