How Photos or images work in Digital Marketing? | Google Webmaster

Hey, do you know that photos or images bring you more and more visitors. Yes, you are reading it right. Your images makes more sense to the content on your website. People will closely understand it better when you use images for any topic.

I am not a good designer by the way to get you beautiful images you know but something is always pretty to catch you on the pages for some more time.

I can related this if you wish to see it and make sure you don’t use the same odd techniques on your pages. If I was more creative, I would have given you a glimpse without taking the help of “bright side in me ” to explain you. I always be grateful to the photo credits for this beautiful real life picture through the bright side in me. Images talk when you don’t have words for your writings. Your product or the surprise images that consistently work through now a days are some of those block diagrams. Huh, yes these block diagrams are explained in a colorful format when I first learnt about the use of images. In my college of engineering, I have got through labs where I had a book to explain the project we handle.

Steps on the project are collectively explained in the record books, what we call and these block diagrams are must to explain out in pictures of the complete project. When I came over digital marketing life, the website architecture is turned into “infographics”. It elevates the look of your website when you project the information in graphics sidelined by a lot of content.

Let’s get back to the bright side in me image with makeup and I hope you would love it. If you have ever gone through the text books, yes, the text books are another best examples for the best images to be used.

Digital Marketing grabs your attention with the images on it and it can make your presence for longer time if you find something more and more interesting. In our next post, we will discuss more about stories in digital marketing with nice pictures and images.