How the Pandemic has Changed Digital Marketing and What Lies Ahead

The ongoing pandemic has wrought enormous changes in virtually every aspect of life. This is as true in the online, digital business landscape as anywhere else. The events of the past few years have changed how digital marketing works in many ways. These changes aren’t nearing their end,  further transformations are on the horizon.

With quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and other elements of lockdowns in place for much of the past few years in many different places over the globe, it’s no surprise that there’s been a significant increase in both online sales and digital ad spending. The digital market was already enormously important pre-pandemic, but now its importance is even greater.

Even as restrictions are loosened, the new shopping habits formed during the pandemic are likely to remain in place. The digital audience is larger now, as the pandemic has brought in people who previously engaged primarily or only off-line. Those folks won’t simply be going back to their old habits — not after spending years with greater digital engagement.

The permanency of these changes means the online market will remain deeply essential in a way it was not just a few years ago. The old world of just a few years ago is gone forever. This means companies must continue to devote resources to deepening and improving their digital marketing campaigns.

The Importance of Market Localization

While fine-tuning a marketing campaign for a consumer’s local conditions was always smart, the conditions of the pandemic made it even more valuable. The pandemic dramatically curtailed travel and triggered a movement from cities to suburbs and rural areas. Combined with the rise of working from home, these changes boost the centrality of the local market.

There are the changes the pandemic has already brought forward, and there will be changes going forward the pandemic will continue to cause. While what the future holds no one knows for certain, it is possible to anticipate certain developments in the digital marketing landscape in the near future. One example is that continued dominance of the digital space will mean that visually appealing video marketing will grow in importance.

Dominance of the Digital Space

As huge as the digital marketing space is already, it is likely that there is still enormous room to grow. In fact, it is estimated that the global market for digital advertising and marketing will more than double from its 2020 level by 2026. Even businesses that once placed a low priority on digital marketing will soon find that the digital market is crucial to the success of their marketing campaigns.

Aside from specific developments, the pandemic has taught a lesson that every business must heed. Namely, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is of absolutely critical importance. Sometimes, success isn’t so much a matter of a specific strategy as it is a matter of being able to respond to continued developments in the business landscape.

It’s impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty. No one knows what lies around the corner. That is perhaps the most vital lesson of the pandemic. It means today’s successful businesses must be ready to pivot to meet their customer’s changing needs. Otherwise, they risk falling behind. The business world doesn’t stand still, so assuming what worked yesterday will be effective forever move the needle with your business.

Here at AdCellerant, we understand how the pandemic has transformed the world of digital marketing. We are prepared to handle the fresh developments coming down the pike. If you need help with any of your digital marketing needs, contact us today.

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