How This Digital Marketing Guru Went From Being Flat Broke to Making Millions

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose sits down to talk with the finance blogger behind “Millennial Money,” Grant Sabatier, about his impressive success through digital marketing. 

After learning that Sabatier was making over $400,000 a year, Rose reached out to figure out Sabatier’s strategy and technique for going from broke to millionaire by age 30. In this interview, Rose delves into the separate steps Sabatier took to achieve his current financial independence.

Sabatier details how his initial interest in a Google mobile ad launched his curiosity to learn more about digital marketing. Add to that a strict three-month deadline his parents gave him to move out of their home and get a job, and Sabatier was motivated to put his head down and appy his grit. Sabatier learned the ropes at his first digital marketing job and garnered enough information to start catering to a side client. From there, he was able to build more profit and skills to become financially independent. Networking with current clients eventually led to establishing clout to get referrals — or clients who eventually came to pay more for his services. In the beginnings of his business, Sabatier learned that it’s not simply about selling a product; it’s also about the perception of value surrounding your product. 

Click the video to hear the full interview between Rose and Sabatier.

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Jeff Rose talks with the ‘Millennial Money’ blogger about his incredible financial journey.

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