How This Startup Is Disrupting the Digital Marketing Space

E-commerce is booming like never before. The opportunities are huge for anyone entering the space. However, with the increasing competition, challenges also galore.

An e-commerce business demands dedication, time, hard work, a realistic vision, a workable strategy and the required skills to be able to pull off the execution plan. People may have the willingness and zeal to start a new business but a lack of prior experience or limited knowledge about the know-how can make these prerequisites extremely demanding.

Realizing the criticality of this complex issue and seeing the immense lack of proportionate services, BeUniqueness, a digital marketing agency based in the UK and the US, has come up with its specially curated done-for-you services to provide a solution to the headaches of entrepreneurs and take their businesses to the next level all while going hand in hand.

A pioneer in these bespoke services and investment programs in the domain of digital marketing, the company claims to have managed to generate a whooping revenue of over £1 million within a short period of six months.

Mohamed Elhawary, the founder and CEO of BeUniqueness, while explaining how his firm is disrupting the digital marketing space comments, “The done-for-you models that we have introduced have empowered countless ambitious teams and individuals with thriving businesses of their own. This happened because our services are carefully designed to follow a customer journey-centric approach that ensures a focus wider than just sales. Our proprietary DFY programs cover you even if you don’t have the business incorporated legally and taking it from there it culminates with retaining the customers and optimizing the loyalty pool. So, we do everything for you without you needing to lift even a finger. And this is one major aspect that differentiates us from other agencies and we always ensure that we do each and everything so that it is literally done-for-you and not done-with-you.”

Elhawary and his team at BeUniqueness have also developed the framework of ‘design thinking’ by SIT while helping their clients to get closer to their dreams in the course of following a thorough, systematic process. In Elhawary’s words, “A design thinking process is something that helps businesses resolve internal and external issues and focuses on building brand persona, improving brand personality to ensure that every client’ brand is being seen as the sole and unique provider to their customers’ demands.”

BeUniqueness serves a wide range of clients including but not limited to investors, entrepreneurs, white-label digital marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). The interesting fact is that a good proportion of BeUniqueness’ client pool is retirees, full-time employees and mums who want to build a sustainable business that actually will help them diversify their investment portfolio.

About the brand name and the reason for its being so, the CEO Elhawary explains, “We have a very clear idea from day one what we were going to do. There was absolutely no vacillation. The coinage of the brand name BeUniqueness can be seen as an epitome of our vision. We knew that every other digital marketing agency claims to provide something different, something unique. But do they really provide anything unique? The problem even increases further because most of the clients who look for digital marketing services have little or no idea about the services so it is also difficult for them to judge the quality and uniqueness of the services. That’s where we came in, we had the vision to provide real value to our clients and we knew that can only be done through real invention and in turn bringing real uniqueness to our services and that’s why the term BeUniqueness was coined. When we started, we worked day in and out and literally reimagined and reengineered every single service and reinvented Digital Marketing services with the aim to see clients’ revenue and ROAS rocket to unheard-of levels. And now everyone can see how right we were”.

BeUniqueness also claims to have grown numerous clients’ businesses from scratch to 7, 8 even 9-figure revenue. Today, the company’s goal is to spread this digital revolution on a transglobal scale. In Elhawary’s words, “We have envisioned a world where all digital marketing solution providers adopt our unique approach and share our passion for delivering emphatic solutions that elevate businesses irrespective of industry, company size, business stage, or business type.”

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