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Bhavik Sarkhedi December 12, 2022

A great career is all we want, there are many options available too. One such great amazing option is digital marketing, spontaneous, full of surprises and new ideas every day. Not just a great innovative career but, also, provide a lot of money. There are many jobs or services under this huge umbrella of digital marketing like content manager, SEO or SEM specialist, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing consultant and many more. The most different from the above-mentioned is a Digital marketing consultant.

First of all, who is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is an expert who will take care of the company’s digital needs and take responsibility for promoting and marketing the product of the company or the organization.

A digital marketing consultant is required and is necessary for an organization as the role of a digital marketing consultant is to create balance between market trends and the business by conducting various market research. Achieving the goal of maximum profit by strategies and planning. A digital marketer is an all-rounder, knowing all the strategies with expertise.

Seems interesting, but how to get into the world of digital marketing?

If you want to get into this field, make sure you have the required educational qualification, good work experience in all these fields, so once you become a digital marketing consultant, you will be able to manage the whole team of experts. Make sure you are an ace in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising and marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, conversation optimization, analytical and reporting and business management skills. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but to begin with that, a good well-rounded course of digital marketing. It will be worth it.

Imagine an expert who is required in the market by almost all the organisations or companies. To make their company look like a diamond in the space where all the companies are gems, organisations want and seek help from the digital marketing expert. You get the money you deserve according to the project’s time, like annual, for a monthly or hourly basis.

The need for a digital marketing consultant is real!

Now this is exactly why this career is an amazing opportunity for an individual to excel, experience and gain a lot of money. Many organisations hire another company to handle and get the digital marketing services. Plan and structure tactics benefiting the visibility of the organisation or the company in the online or digital world. To make the outside world aware of the organisation depended on the digital techniques or technologies of the organisation, to engage the people with the company’s presence. That is when a digital marketing consultant can come in the action.

Let’s take an example of CRED. CRED is an app used by many. It simply rewards the users when they pay their credit card bills on time. Isn’t it fascinating? With its super amazing policies, it attracts many customers. To provide the services in a more efficient manner with the help of a digital marketing agency to come up with humongous opportunities to serve the key services, they appointed Performics India to handle their digital marketing mandate.

Performics India is a leading digital marketing agency in India with a huge number of digital experts who will now take care of the digital marketing services of CRED.

Now, one can notice and understand the importance of a digital marketing service provider. It simply enhances how the company appears in front of the digital world, how aware and how much are aware people are about the organisation or company. The need for a digital marketing agency is high. Along with that, there are many such agencies trying to reach out to such organisations. Similarly, in this case CRED hired Performics India as the account was won post a multi-agency pitch.

A Cred spokesperson said, “Cred is a gated community of high-trust individuals, with a mission to celebrate and reward creditworthy individuals. With an aim to increase financial literacy and expand our members-only club, we partnered with Performics for their expertise in performance media, automation, insights, and real-time optimisation.”

Gurpreet Singh, vice president, Performics India, said, “We are delighted with the win. With our intent-based marketing abilities and strong data-driven approach, we look forward to establishing clear leadership for CRED. It is a sophisticated, select and exclusive loyalty programme, looking for deeper connections with the right audience. They are an ambitious future-first brand, and with our holistic offering at the intersection of marketing technologies, analytics and media, we will deliver impact and help scale up their business. Through our strengths in consumer analytics, we look forward to driving personalized, powerful, dynamic customer experiences for them.” (Source: campaign India)

How does it work to be a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant works independent and many times has a team. So, if you are looking forward to become a digital marketing consultant, make sure you have a good team of experts from different fields: SEO expert. A developer, as a lot of work will be done via a website. PPC or pay-per-click expert, one with good knowledge of the market who can provide and implement good strategies. Writers, now as per requirement, you may have one or two writers, or a team of writers, writing great content for your website, social media platforms, e-mails, and many more.

To reduce the expenditure, outsource the written material from companies like Write Right. It is one of the best companies and ranked and recognized by Good firm and Clutch as best among the other content writing agencies, or keep a frequent contact with freelancers, keeping one or two professionals for further supervision. Social media expert, someone who can take care of all the activities to be taken into consideration when it comes to social media. Since, social media plays a vital role in promoting.

Make sure you have the necessary skills to excel in this field and manage the team of experts under your supervision in your agency. One needs to be an expert all-rounder. Skills like search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising and marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, conversation optimization, analytical and reporting and business management skills. These are the basic jobs that happen in the digital marketing agency, and that’s all. So, grab that book, grab the courses, make sure to gain a lot of experience because in the end, an expert means an exceptionally knowledgeable person, full of skills of a particular field.

Now, your niche.

Of course, you will be an expert after acquiring knowledge regarding every field of digital marketing service, but you still need to define your niche. Catering to a particular audience or target audience helps with a focused work. Of course, a digital marketing consultant will take care of the team and manage it, but one has to work in their area of preference. Will make it clear for you to define the target audience you want to focus on.

The main area of expertise will be attained from good experience in exploring and learning about different methods and then deciding the niche. This will be attained by continues zeal and practise.

Understand the significance of a strong network, you’ll need it.

You are qualified, you have a team, you’ve decided your niche. Now, make your circle or your network strong. You are going to be a part of a market where there are many opportunities for you and your agency, but only if you are visible. In simple words, there are many other digital marketing agencies in India alone in the race with you. So, make sure you connect with your known people you’ve worked with, it can bring you clients and make you more prominent. Reaching out to like a manager, co-workers, professors and others or if you are new, then providing your service and getting testimonial in return.

You are in the market with your team of experts, you are getting opportunities with the help of your strong network, but you have no quotation to provide. Now that can backfire, as it can lead to underpaying to your digital marketing agency, or different money or fees, you’ve asked from different companies to do a particular project can create a situation of disparity among the clients. This may lead to a serious negative image of your agency because everything will be out there on the market. So, what to do? Simple decide your fee, it’s easy, evaluate the service your agency will be providing, compare and ask the fee, as mentioned above, according to an hourly basis, monthly basis or annually basis depending on the project. When done right, the digital marketing world has a lot to offer,

Last but not the least, continue learning! You won’t regret it.

Do not stop learning and exploring. There are many things coming every day in the market with respect to the need for present time. Learn and be available with your teams of experts to provide the service. This will definitely help you grow more and more connections along with maintaining rabid customers.

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