How to choose the best digital marketing solution for your multi-location business

The world has replaced in store shopping with online shopping. Online shopping saves time and energy, you no longer have to visit several shops searching for a specific item that you want. You have it all at your fingertips, on your smartphone or computer, and most sites offer price drop alerts so you will not miss anything. According to Google, nearly 75% of all online purchases are triggered by digital marketing efforts. But it’s not that easy.. customers are researching your business before making any purchases, they google every detail to be sure your business is trustworthy and make sure that you have locations nearby to turn to if they have questions or need to return an item. But what if you are running a big multi-location business? How do you need to manage your multi-location marketing strategy?

When we talk about digital marketing we are referring to the overall online strategy that you are investing in to influence your target audiences. It’s a collective term that consists of strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. Digital marketing has become a powerful strategy for all businesses. But how will you adjust that strategy in the cases of single-location and multi-location businesses?

What is the difference between a multi-location business and a single location business?

At first glance, it may seem that the only difference is that one has more storefronts than the other. But, there is more to it than that. While running a multi-location business you need to consider several points. 

Answering these and many more questions will help you to plan a strategy and sell your product better at each location.

Here are the steps of planning a digital marketing campaign

Launching an online marketing strategy for a multi-location business requires detail-oriented and data-driven professionals. For multi-location businesses using automation software and tools to save your time is a must, and will help your business grow faster. Specifically with a poor PPC strategy you have the potential to waste lots of money on advertising that isn’t generating leads locally, so it’s very recommended to use a

How to Localize Your Multi-Location Business’s Marketing Strategy

You will need to create indexable pages for each of the branches of your brand. On these pages you will use location-specific content, reviews from the locals, photo or video content in that location (you can show your location or your staff), local keywords. Implementing SEO best practices will increase the visibility on the search engine results page according to the most important customer keyword searches for your business. Add the local address, phone number, and email address for each business location. All these factors will let your buyer feel closer to your brand, and you will gain their trust. 

First of all, you will need to define the national strategy. When the skeleton of your marketing campaign is well defined, you can start adapting it focusing on individual business locations. For example with Google Ads you have limits choosing target areas, in some places, the influence marketing will have depends on where your target populations of people are located for each business. In certain areas, people may be more attached to different types of marketing, like email or content marketing. Ask yourself these questions:

Remember that personalization is the key to success.

Your goal is to gain your customers` trust by making their local business’s contact information easy to find on Google. This is an easy digital marketing solution to implement if you don’t already have a page for each business location. You will lose many customers if they search and find a different location that is not in their area.

When you have a multi-location business, this means you have a much wider range of customers and buyer personas that you must sell to. It’s very important to create PPC ads targeting each location and monitor performance closely to make sure you are not missing valuable customers in each area. Use the geo-targeting feature in your ad, so your consumers would see the location closest to them. 

You may run awesome marketing campaigns and high-quality ads, but you will never discover the insights you will need to succeed in your future campaign optimizations if you don’t measure your digital marketing results. A/B test different strategies in different areas to understand which campaign attributes bring you more profit.

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