How to Fuse Relationship Marketing with Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

As healthcare providers, your business is built on long term relationships. Clients who stay with your practice for years are the ones who sustain you. But, it’s important to remember that these relationships need to be nurtured if they are to thrive. By reaching out through your digital marketing channels, you can keep your relationship with clients fresh and keep them coming back to your practice.

Remember their important dates.

Sending out reminders that it is time for the annual check ups is an obvious idea. But, you should also reach out to clients on other important dates, as well. Send an email on birthdays. If you have referred them to a specialist, cue a message to go out to them the day after an appointment to see if they are happy and if they have any questions for someone on your staff.

Use your content marketing to support their health.

When you are thinking about marketing content like your social media posts and your blogs, do not neglect your current clientele. We often think in terms of customer acquisition, but need to also remember to nurture the relationships we currently have.

Create content series that address your clients’ ongoing health and wellness concerns. For instance, you can create seasonal content that will be useful to both current and prospective clients. If winter flu has had a strong impact on your area, commission an article or a series describing the outbreak and what your patients can do to keep themselves well during this time. These posts can be put up on your blog and also delivered through your email list.

Ask them to recommend you to friends and family.

The best way to build a sustainable healthcare business is to continually grow your client base. Your patients who trust you can be your best advocates. The power of recommendations from a trusted friend is called social proof. You get not just the authority of your own expertise, but the power of their relationship, as well. When you send an email, post to your social media page or update your blog, include a quick request for referrals. Don’t badger people for recommendations. Mention it once in the CTA at the end of a post or in the sig line of your email.

By using digital channels, you can reach out more efficiently and more regularly with information that is useful, relevant and valuable. Touching base with current patients with your digital channels lets them know that you care about their health and that you are thinking of them and their needs. This, in turn, builds the relationships that allow you to sustain and grow your medical practice.

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