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Instagram, a photo-centric medium, is one of the top-most used social media apps launched in the year 2010. The app has been upgraded and improved quite a lot since its conception and has touched millions of lives. 

It has launched several new features and interesting options to make the user experience better. Not only has content creation evolved using the medium, but businesses have equally taken advantage of the ever-growing, addictive and thoroughly-used platform. 

Stats About Instagram Usage

Instagram is mostly used by millennials and now Gen Z and caters to various audiences ranging from adults to kids. People use the platform for bogging, influencing, vlogging, and sharing their talents on a visual-based platform. Millions of posts get shared everyday where people show a part of their everyday activities or use the platform to sell and purchase items. 

Let’s have a look at a to know how people are using the platform: 

Instagram launched its latest feature of Reels in August 2020 in over 50 countries. Through Instagram Reels, users can create short videos of 15 seconds duration at most. These videos can be shared on your feed, story, and profile for others to see. 

The feature is similar to the trending app, TikTok, where users create a short edited video for people to see, follow, and like. The Instagram reals also appear in the explore section, so the content reaches more people, and they get redirected to your profile.

This feature helps accounts increase their reach and hence attract more views and a new audience to their profiles. The app lets users be interactive and as creative as they can get. High-end fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton, are also using Instagram Reels to create captivating and engaging content in high-quality to attract and engage the audience.

How to Create an Instagram Reel 

There are 3 different ways through which you can create an Instagram Reel. 

Let’s have a look at how you can create a basic Instagram reel in 3 steps: 

1. Choose Music, Speed, and Filter

Open your Instagram app’s camera and select the Reels option on the menu. On the left panel, you can see options for speed, music, effects, and timer. Use these options to create your video. Open the music library and select the song of your choice and fit the part that suits your video. 

You can also change the speed of your video using slow-motion or fast-forward options. You can use filters to edit the videos as well.

2. Record your Video

Similar to Instagram stories, press and hold the camera to record your video. You can cut and continue recording videos to make your videos more interesting. GIFs, stickers, and text can also be added once you are done recording the video. 

3. Ready to Share

Once you are done editing and shooting the video, it ready to be shared. Complete the information and select a cover image so it can appear before the video plays. You can publish reels in different ways, including your feed, explore tab, or under hashtags. 

How Can Get More Views On Instagram Reels

1. Create Authentic Content 

Creating content that resonates with your audience will help you attract a new audience and help you increase your reach through your powerful content. Think of it from the user’s perspective; the better the content, the more likely that it will engage a new audience. 

If you don’t like content from a certain brand, you prefer to unfollow it after a few days. Hence you need to make it more interesting for the followers. Authentic content means creating creative content that isn’t copied from other’s ideas. Try to figure out how you can engage your audience through creative content.

2. Share Educational Content

Another interesting way to use Instagram reels is by creating small educational content. People are bombarded with content, and to attract their attention, it is important to give them valuable content. 

For example, if your business is about traveling, you can share tips for traveling, best travel destination, etc., so your audience likes to follow your account. The informative the content, the more likely it is to attract people to view your content. 

3. Showcase Products – Shoppable store 

If you’re selling products, then you can use the new Instagram feature to create engaging videos and educate people about the items you are selling. You can think of innovative ways, like creating styling videos using influencers, show product usage, etc. 

Also, Instagram Reels are now shoppable, so you can make reels, tag your products so people can shop directly. Users can tap on the video and directly purchase the item tagged, which makes it an incredible option for businesses to showcase their products and increase their purchase cycle.

Other Tips

companies recommend brands to use Instagram reels to engage with their audience. The above-mentioned were some of the top tips through which you can increase your reach and make use of Instagram reels to interact with your audience.

 Here are a few additional tips through which you can use the latest feature to get maximum benefit:

Instagram Reels – Let’s get to work!

Hopefully, the above guide has helped you know the basics of the all-new Instagram Reels feature, and by now, you should be able to know how to create an effective Reel to post on your gram and engage the audience through your content. Remember that content marketing is an ever-changing field where the audience engages only if your content is authentic and as per trends.

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